Five Things To Know About the NBA's Season Resumption


As we inch closer and closer to the NBA return to play date, we continue to get bits and pieces on how the resumption will work. Most recently, we got a plethora of news regarding the NBA’s health and safety protocols for the teams attending Disney.

There’s a lot of information to digest, over 100 pages of information on life inside the NBA’s bubble city. That’s why I’m giving you the five things you need to know. Included are safety regulations, roster rules, and a decision regarding who can attend games.

What Happens If Someone Tests Positive?

One major concern about resuming the season has been what happens if someone inside the bubble tests positive? Does the entire operation come to a halt? Season over? Won’t a large number of people have it if one person does?


‘Isolation Housing’ may seem a bit intense, but it’s necessary for the safety of everyone else in the bubble. The league will move the individual who tested positive into an isolated area immediately, to prevent as many people as possible from potentially interacting with them.

Once the individual has been isolated, the league will confirm the positive test by testing them one more time. Finally, to leave the isolated living space, the individual must test negative on consecutive tests.


Once this has happened, the player can return to his team and resume basketball activities.

June 24th Deadline for Players to Notify Their Team if They Will Not be Playing in Resumed Season

June 24th is now a big day for the NBA and any teams attending Orlando. Players who choose to not attend the Disney campus must notify their team by the 24th, which is less than a week away.

This will give teams ample time to find potential replacements, sort out rotations, and plan for the remaining season.

The most important part of this rule, though, is that the league made it clear any player who decides they won’t be going will not be disciplined for that decision. That is necessary with the unique circumstances we are all living through.


Every player has the right to do what is best for themselves and their families. The league understands it is asking a lot of it’s players, so giving them the right to refuse to attend without facing potential discipline is the right thing to do.

Free Agents Can Still be Signed

With such an abrupt halt to the season, playoff eligibility became an interesting topic. Players such as Dion Waiters (Lakers), and Joakim Noah (Clippers), just signed contracts, meaning they’d be good to go in the playoffs.

What about the remaining free agents? The NBA has elected to allow teams to make such transactions before the beginning of the rest of the season.

This is important, as teams such as the Spurs, who lost LaMarcus Aldridge for the season during the hiatus, have holes to fill. Additionally, contenders may want to add a specialist to the back end of their bench.

There’s still desirable talent available for teams to add. Noteworthy free agents include J.R. Smith, Jamal Crawford, DeMarcus Cousins, and Isaiah Thomas.

Housing Breakdown

22 teams are set to finish out the season, meaning a lot of housing is needed. Not just for the teams, but for referees, any league personnel,  media, and employees of the resorts.

Disney has the space to accommodate even that many people, which isn’t easy to find. The intriguing part of the housing situation was always going to be how teams were spread and who stayed where.

The NBA elected to break the 22 teams into three groups, based on standings, and house each group in a hotel together. This keeps it simple and controllable. No one is getting the short end of the stick in terms of quality. While some differences do exist, it’s nothing drastic enough to be concerned over.

Best of all, this is going to create an incredible dynamic as we move deeper into the playoffs. The Lakers, Bucks, and Clippers, who are the heavy favorites, are all staying in the same hotel. An NBA Finals match-up between any top-four team from either conference will mean the teams are also living in the same hotel as each other.

Twenty teams gone, with the final two staying that close to each other. Competing for a championship in the most bizarre season in quite some time. I’d love to have that added storyline in the eventual NBA Finals.

The three hotels being used for team hospitality are the Grand Destino, Grand Floridian, and Yacht Club.

Players Can Attend Games Between Other Teams

This is a decision flying under the radar right now, but that will change once games are being played. Playing in front of no crowd creates an entirely new dynamic, especially in such meaningful games.

Players attending games won’t be creating much crowd noise, obviously, but they should help improve the product. It’ll create a more comfortable atmosphere, and will give players another option in how they spend their downtime.

Additionally, it creates reactions to big plays on the court. When someone throws down a put-back slam over an opponent late in the game, there will be an energy in the arena. It’s a fun way for fans to see their favorite players off the court having fun and enjoying the game.

Also, it’ll be interesting to see who is going to what games. What stars do other stars want to see play live? Inevitably, jokes will fly about recruiting someone like Giannis Antetokounmpo for his eventual free agency. That’s more fun to have. The NBA is doing their best to make the most out of this season, and it’s going to be a season we never forget.

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