Field Conditions in Mexico May Force Relocation of Monday Night Football


The National Football League has a huge problem as the Kansas City Chiefs and Los Angeles Rams are reportedly insisting in a change of venue ahead of their Mexico City showdown due to poor field conditions.

The Estadio Azteca field was presumably left in disrepair after a Shakira concert on Oct.11 where a large number of people stood on the field.

Photo Credit: AP

“We are working closely with the field manager at Azteca Stadium and others to ensure that we have an NFL quality surface for our game,” NFL Spokesman Michael Signora said to Yahoo Sports. “We are looking forward to kicking off in Mexico City on Monday night.”

After looking at the current field conditions, Signora may want to rethink his claim because as of three days ago, work on the field was still being done and it still does not look in the best shape.

While the NFL would undoubtedly love to have the game in Mexico, it has been hinted that the “break-the-glass” option is being considered, which would delegate the relocation of the game to the stadium of the home team which is, in this case, the Rams.


The NFL has announced that the game will be moved to Los Angeles in a move that all reportedly cost the league millions of dollars.

The pair of 9-1 teams are set to meet in a marquee matchup on Nov.19.


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