Fantasy Football Stars to Look Out For in the 2020 Season

Fantasy football has been a huge benefit to sporting around the globe with both the NFL and the British Premier League hosting competitions for those willing to take part.

But which players are ones you should definitely have in your fantasy football squad? Here, we will be providing you with insight into some of this season’s must-have players.

Calvin Ridley

Ridley is a player that many people in 2020 believe to be a breakout star. He is currently at WR17 and 50.94 ADP in fantasy football and is set to be one of the biggest breakout stars. He was close to being one of the breakouts stars in 2020 with his performance, but he fell slightly short of the mark. However, we believe that 2020 will be his year.

DK Metcalf

Another player that we are sure will be one of the biggest breakout stars in fantasy football in 2020 is DK Metcalf. Currently sitting at WR16 and 49.42 ADP, he is definitely one of the stars that you should have in your squad. With an outstanding performance in 2019, we are sure that he is set to make strides and will be a valuable member of your fantasy team in the 2020 season and beyond should he continue on this path of success.

Hayden Hurst

Currently sitting at TE14 and 118.34 ADP for fantasy football, Hayden Hurst is one player that you need to have in your squad this year. With an amazing performance in the league, he is going to gain you a large number of points from within your squad. With his outstanding potential in the Atalanta offense, despite being stifled at times by other team members, he is set to be one of the big stars in the league at this time. Though we will have to wait and see, this is one of our major predictions for the fantasy league.

Kenyan Drake

Drake is a star that we have seen outperform himself in the 2019 season which gives us a great indication as to where he will be in the league in 2020. Currently RB18 and 32.24 ADP, many who have been following his career know that he is one of the next big up-and-comers in the sport. With the hype being around for a while, many will already have him in their squad; this is set to be a huge point-gainer for your team.

Michael Gallup

After exploding onto the scene in his second year as a member of the Dallas Cowboys with a brand new record and six touchdowns in total, Gallup is one of the real up-and-comers in the sport and has come out fighting every single time. With a huge amount of potential to be a great all-round player, Michael Gallup is yet another player that you need on your team. With him in your lineup, this will be a winning combination for anyone looking to go into fantasy football competitions against their friends.

Dalvin Cook

The final player that you need in your roster this year is the Dalvin Cook. He is yet another star that has outperformed himself. With 13 rushing touchdowns at the end of 2019, as well as so many other achievements alongside his teammates at the Vikings, you should definitely have him in your fantasy football line up this year. Whether he is on the bench or playing, you will surely benefit from this as a result. With this in mind, Cook is a player that you need for your bench at this time.

With that being said, there are several players that you should bring to your squad in 2020 as these will help you to rank higher on the leader board throughout the upcoming seasons. Which of these will you be using in your team this year?


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