Fantasy Football Guide: Dynasty League Commissioner 101 Part Two

|Devin Davis  June 25th, 2019

We are back with another edition of Dynasty League Commissioner 101. In case you missed the basics in part one, you can check it out here. Now, we are ready to establish the strategies you can implement in your league in order to make it unique and engaging for all owners.

League Theme – Give your league a theme and let your owners come up with a team name to fit that particular theme. For example, a throwback theme, college theme, or AFL theme all provide your league with some creativity and inherent rivalry. Aspects of this league theme can be incorporated in sections like divisions and schedules to give your league an extra shot of flavor.

Slow, Offline Startup Draft – Perhaps the best part of a dynasty league is the startup draft. By doing it offline with a lengthy pick time of 8-12 hours, you allow managers to field trade offers while on the clock. Again, this increases activity. It also eliminates any potential for an auto draft from an owner that is unable to make it to a live draft. This is a must for any new dynasty league this offseason.

Creative Trades – The fewer regulations in your league the better. Allow your managers to get creative with their trade offers by allowing protected draft picks in trades and rights to pick swaps. These avenues invite more activity and dealing in your league which is ultimately the goal for the commissioner of an active league.

Group Message – This idea is essential for a successful and active dynasty league. A common group message facilitates the communication of the league and increases interest, banter, and activity. It is easier to discuss a trade when you have a common platform to communicate through.

Social Media/Website – This idea is more of a suggestion as not every league will be keen on it. However, running a website to keep track of your league history or a social media account with immediate transactions and commentary can become iconic. Of course, it is added work and responsibility for the commissioner; however, an assistant commish might be willing to deal with this task.
Again be sure to check out part one if you missed it. Part three will cover the most important necessities for any dynasty league, so be sure to stay tuned!

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