Drama is Brewing in Washington and it’s More Than a Name Change


There’s an eerie feeling in Washington, D.C., this week.

Years of drama appeared to end on Monday when the Washington football team announced it would drop the name “Redskins” and their logo from their identity. However, as one saga ended, another appeared to have an open.

That’s right. There’s even more drama brewing in the football front office.


We just don’t know what the drama is about.

A series of odd tweets from Washington football reporters began on Sunday and continued into late Tuesday night. Many of the top football analysts from the nation’s capital said they didn’t know what was happening in the executive offices at FedEx Field, but they are bracing for the worst.


The tweets all started after the team fired Director of Pro Personnel Alex Santos and Assistant Director of Pro Personnel Richard Mann II. This appeared to be a procedural move but things got weird when the team declined to comment.

Here’s a look at the various tweets that are sure to leave you confused.

It starts with NBC Sports’ Jason Finlay, who is among the top insiders covering the team on a daily basis. On Sunday, he tweeted that it was going to be a “busy week,” then clarified nine hours later that “it’s not all going to be about the name and it’s not all going to be pretty.”

19 minutes after Finlay’s tweet was posted, ABC’s Scott Abraham echoed the report, again mentioning the fact that there is “more going on at Redskins Park than a name change. … And it’s not good.” Abraham added that the news would be released on Monday, which did not happen as 48 hours later, we continue to wait.


Another 12 minutes passed before an additional comment came out. Chick Hernandez, also of NBC Sports, confirmed the firing of Mann and Santos and added that these were “non-football related moves.” Sometimes, this is a simple report that doesn’t get much attention, but the finished the tweet by saying the source “would not elaborate” and he expects to “know why soon.”

Nearly 36 hours passed before a piece of news came out. Second-year wide receiver Kelvin Harmon, who was expected to have a huge 2020 season, tore his ACL. Based on the extremity of the previous tweets, this injury did not appear to be the news that was hinted about, but there was no way to be sure … until another tweet came out hours later.

Julie Donaldson, also of NBC Sports, tweeted about the Harmon news and got a response from a fan who mentioned that “this wasn’t even the bad news that certain media members were preparing us for.” Donaldson confirmed that to be correct, adding that the news expected to come soon is “disappointing and sad.”

Barstool Nate confirmed that the news is going to be “bad” when it is released.

One more reporter added their two cents as CBS Sports’ Jason La Canfora delivered a tweet on Tuesday night saying that the ugly culture of Washington football was about to be brought to light “in a sickening fashion … again.”

As of now, one can only speculate on the situation. Fittingly, Twitter is the go-to home for speculation, so it is safe to say the social media platform has been humming. The growing belief is that Santos and Mann were indeed laid off for a sensitive topic, most likely sexism or racism.

A report from 2018 says that team cheerleaders were forced to pose nude and serve as servants for team executives, so perhaps that ties to this week’s news.

Ultimately, there’s a lot of gossip flying around right now as everyone attempts to connect the dots. We might not know what’s happening in Washington, D.C., but one thing is clear: the drama may have just begun.


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