Dr. Sullivan’s NFL Week 3 Medical Report

Dr. Sullivan's NFL Week 3 Medical Report

Week 3 was not as eventful on the injury front as Week 2 was for sure. However, there were still several players injured and I try to breakdown all the news on an injury front heading into Week 4 of the NFL season.


Bryan Edwards, WR, Oakland Raiders

Jabrill Peppers, SS, New York Giants

Edwards will most likely be out for at least Week 4 with a moderate ankle injury. He was seen at practice on the sideline Wednesday with a boot on to help stabilize the ankle. Given this news, I would expect him to be out a minimum of one to three weeks to allow this injury to heal. Peppers on the other hand received some good news and still has not been ruled out for Sunday’s game. However, he did not practice Wednesday and given the normal timeframe for a Grade I ankle sprain, I doubt he will be fully healed and ready for the Week 4 game.


Jordyn Brooks, LB, Seattle Seahawks

Mike Iupati, OG, Seattle Seahawks

Tarik Cohen, RB, Chicago Bears

Brooks suffered what is being called an MCL strain after an MRI on Monday failed to show any further injury. A grade I MCL strain is a one to three-week injury. Given that he will likely miss at least Week 4. Iupati suffered a mild knee injury Sunday and left the game but was able to return to complete the game. I suspect he will receive treatment for a mild sprain and will probably be on the field on Sunday. Cohen was the most serious knee injury when he suffered a torn ACL and was placed on IR. His season is now over and as I explained last week, he will undergo surgery to repair the knee. His offseason will be spent rehabbing the injury and trying to get back for training camp next summer.


Chris Godwin, WR, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Rico Gafford, WR, Las Vegas Raiders

DeSean Jackson, WR, Philadelphia Eagles

Godwin has been ruled out of the Buccaneers Week 4 game against the Chargers with a Grade I hamstring strain. As is the case with other similar Grade I strains the normal recovery time is one to three weeks. I suspect he may miss Week 5 too. Gafford likewise did not practice Wednesday but has not been ruled out for the Raiders’ Week 4 game against the Bills. The severity of the injury has not been released, but I doubt he will play Sunday and if he does he risks further injury. Jackson was also a nonparticipant in the Eagles practice and I would doubt he will be available on Sunday despite being termed day to day by the Eagles.

The status of all three will bear watching as the week progresses.


Michael Pittman Jr, WR, Indianapolis Colts

John Brown, WR, Buffalo Bills

Brown left the Bills game early with a calf injury and did not participate in practice on Wednesday. His status for Sunday will depend on how he responds to treatment throughout the week. This type of injury requires time for swelling and pain to resolve.

Pittman definitely suffered a more serious injury as he underwent surgery for compartment syndrome and will be out for a prolonged period of time. Compartment syndrome develops when swelling or bleeding occurs within an arm or leg. Because the fascia which surrounds the area where the swelling is doesn’t stretch a serious problem can occur. The problem can cause increased pressure on the capillaries, nerves, and muscles in the compartment. Blood flow to muscle and nerve cells is disrupted. Without a steady supply of oxygen and nutrients, nerve and muscle cells can be damaged permanently. The surgery he underwent was designed to relieve this pressure and improve blood flow to the structures to allow them to heal. Complete recovery from compartment syndrome typically takes three or four months.


Emmanuel Moseley, CB, San Francisco 49ers

Diontae Johnson, WR, Pittsburgh Steelers

Moseley and Johnson both sustained concussions in Week 3 and are in the NFL concussion protocol. Since no information is released while an athlete goes through the protocol, their status is up in the air until they exit the protocol. If you want to read more on the protocol you can check out an article I did on the protocol in different leagues here.


Chase Young, DE, Washington Football Team

Jamal Adams, S, Seattle Seahawks

Young suffered what is being called a moderate groin strain and is expected to miss their Week 4 matchup with the Baltimore Ravens. Assuming moderate means a Grade II strain he can be expected to miss three to six weeks for a full recovery. Adams was reported to have a Grade I strain so his status for Sunday is doubtful at this point. The normal recovery time for a Grade I strain is one to three weeks.

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