Devereaux’s Week 13 NFL Power Rankings

Week 12 is in the books, and the NFL is starting to think about the playoffs. Week 13 will be huge for fringe playoff teams trying to sell tickets in the early months of 2020. 

Here are my latest power rankings: 

  1. Baltimore Ravens (9-2) (Last Week: 1): Jackson has 24 throwing touchdowns on over 2,400 passing yards. Not shabby for a running back, huh? Well, that is not all… Jackson still has his running stats. Leading his team with 876 rushing yards along with six rushing touchdowns, Jackson has the MVP on lock, no matter how the playoffs look for the Ravens. 
  2. San Francisco 49ers (10-1) (Last Week: 3): The San Francisco 49ers blew out the Aaron Rodgers-led Green Bay Packers 37-8, making it look easy. The 49ers are second in the league rushing the ball, averaging 145.6 yards per contest. Their rushing leader is Matt Breida, who only has 542 yards. Tevin Coleman (448 yards) and Raheem Mostert (393 yards) have also been valuable in the rush offense. 
  3. The New England Patriots (10-1) (Last Week: 2): I do not care how easy the New England Patriots’ schedule has been. Going 10-1 with most of your offensive line injured, plus no help from any tight ends, and having receivers in and out of the lineup is a very hard task to accomplish. The defense is the complete opposite, though, as the secondary is the best in the league, led by cornerback Stephen Gilmore, who had yet another interception against the Dallas Cowboys, making it their 20th interception of the year. 
  4. Seattle Seahawks (9-2) (Last Week: 4): Could you guess the Seattle Seahawks’ home and away record? It’s 3-2 and 6-0. For some reason, the Seahawks have been playing better on the road due to the incredible play by their franchise quarterback, Russell Wilson. Wilson has been the backbone of this team’s success, and many Seahawk fans are rejoicing about his recent extension.  
  5. New Orleans Saints (9-2) (Last Week: 5): Michael Thomas has already broken the 100 reception mark along with 1,200 yards. Thomas could possibly beat former Detroit Lions elite receiver Calvin Johnson’s record of receiving 1,964 passing yards in a season. 
  6. Minnesota Vikings (8-3) (Last Week: 7): While Stefon Diggs will be finding out who Lizzo is talking about in her song “Truth Hurts,” everyone else will be trying to figure out if this Vikings team is a real Super Bowl contender. Running back Dalvin Cook has reached over 1,000 yards rushing and 11 rushing touchdowns and has been leading the Vikings’ offense. However, they have had an easy schedule to get this far, and have struggled against playoff-worthy teams. 
  7. Buffalo Bills (8-3) (Last Week: 11): The Buffalo Bills’ defense is very strange. Unlike the New England Patriots, they do not create many turnovers as they currently have seven on the year through 11 games. With that said, they are holding down the yards gained category, allowing the third least amount of yards per game. 
  8. Houston Texans (7-4) (Last Week: 10): Winning last week vs. the Colts gave Houston sole possession of the AFC South. This team struggles on the road as they are currently representing a 2-3 record.
  9. Dallas Cowboys (6-5) (Last Week: 8): Weather definitely played a huge part in the offense stalling at times vs. New England as the rain and wind made it hard to create a usable passing game. Even though the Cowboys had taken a step back from their usual offensive dominance, they are still the best passing team in the league. Dak Prescott is the leader in passing yards with 3,433.
  10. Green Bay Packers (8-3) (Last Week: 6): Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers looked awful Sunday night against the San Francisco 49ers. They were not even a threat at all during this game. They were just embarrassing to watch offensively, and their third-down percentage when Aaron Rodgers had control of the ball was zero percent. Yes, they are 0-for-13 on third down when Aaron Rodgers holds the ball.
  11. Kansas City Chiefs (7-4) (Last Week: 12): The Kansas City Chiefs are coming off a bye week. Hopefully what this means is that head coach Andy Reid is coming up with a new game plan that will help soar this team back up into the elite of the NFL.
  12. Indianapolis Colts (6-5) (Last Week: 9): A tough loss Thursday night against the Houston Texans, which was pivotal for the Indianapolis Colts chances of winning the division. The loss not only sent them out of first place in the AFC South, but out of wild card positioning, as well.
  13. Oakland Raiders (6-5) (Last Week: 13): Honestly, who would have known that the Oakland Raiders would be fighting for a playoff spot this year? This team is the definition of mediocre, as they are not elite in any category, but not terrible, either. Just look at the Tennessee Titans, who have been 9-7 and mediocre for the past three years. 
  14. Los Angeles Rams (6-5) (Last Week: 14): The Baltimore Ravens held a service for the Los Angeles Rams Monday night after blowing out the Rams, 45-6.
  15. Carolina Panthers (5-6) (Last Week: 16): Kyle Allen started off very hot, winning four straight games, but the team has cooled down immensely and is now 1-4 in its last five games.
  16. Tennessee Titans (6-5) (Last Week: 17): Ryan Tannehill is 4-2 as Tennessee’s starting quarterback. Is he the answer for the future of the team? Probably not, but is he better than Marcus Mariota? Absolutely.
  17. Pittsburgh Steelers (6-5) (Last Week: 18): In Week 11, Mason Rudolph caused a fight with Browns lineman, Myles Garrett. In the following week, Mason Rudolph was benched in favor for third-string quarterback Devlin Hodges. Rudolph has been bad this year. Although this is his first time as a starter, Rudolph has not shown any growth at the position and is costing the Steelers precious offensive yards with terrible accuracy and decision-making. 
  18. Philadelphia Eagles (5-6) (Last Week: 15): There are multiple articles about what is possibly going on with Carson Wentz this year. Well, there is nothing totally wrong with Wentz. The problem is that the Philadelphia Eagles are having health issues with receivers.
  19. Cleveland Browns (5-6) (Last Week: 22): The Browns’ win streak could continue as their schedule consists of the struggling Steelers, the winless Bengals, the Ravens, and the Cardinals. 
  20. Chicago Bears (5-6) (Last Week: 21): Defense! Defense! Defense! Whatever you do, do not give the ball to Mitchell Trubisky! Defense! Defense!
  21. Jacksonville Jaguars (4-7) (Last Week: 19): I think the move to make Nick Foles the starting quarterback again ruined their playoff hopes. 
  22. Los Angeles Chargers (4-7) (Last Week: 24): Head coach Anthony Lynn could be on the hot seat if the general manager and owner believe the Chargers’ offensive woes are caused more from the coaching rather than the players. 
  23. The New York Jets (4-7) (Last Week: 28): Calm down, Sam Darnold fanatics. Two straight games of Darnold playing well does not make him elite. Darnold is still a turnover machine and leads an offense that is 30th in passing. 
  24. Denver Broncos (3-8) (Last Week: 25): The Broncos are in serious need of a quarterback, as Joe Flacco and Brandon Allen are not the right choices. 
  25. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-7) (Last Week: 27): Imagine a quarterback who has the second-most passing yards and leads a team to the third-best scoring offense in the NFL. The problem with said quarterback is that every game this quarterback records three turnovers. Would you want that quarterback as the guy for the franchise? That is what the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are trying to find out with Jameis Winston. 
  26. Detroit Lions (3-7-1) (Last Week: 20): I hope that that the Lions do not blame second-year head coach Matt Patricia for their struggling team without Stafford. 
  27. Atlanta Falcons (3-8) (Last Week: 26): Every year since Super Bowl 51, Dan Quinn has led the Atlanta Falcons to a worse record, going from 11-5 during their Super Bowl run to 10-6 the following year, 7-9 last year, and now 3-8 this year.   
  28. Arizona Cardinals (3-7-1) (Last Week: 23): Although their past three games have all been losses, they were competitive. This brings a bright future for the Arizona Cardinals. 
  29. Miami Dolphins (2-9) (Last Week: 29): The Miami Dolphins had the chance to get the top pick in the draft, but they decided to win two games and possibly ruined their chance of getting a franchise quarterback in the upcoming draft. 
  30. The New York Giants (2-9) (Last Week: 30): Nothing has seemed promising since Week 4 when Daniel Jones actually looked like a decent quarterback.
  31. Washington Redskins (2-9) (Last Week: 31): Here is how the Washington Redskins’ season is summed up: Dwayne Haskins was not able to take the last snap of the game because he was taking a selfie with a fan from the stands.  
  32. Cincinnati Bengals (0-11) (Last Week: 32): Quarterback Andy Dalton gets his job back now that they have a two-game lead for the No. 1 draft pick.

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