Detroit Lions Week 16 Recap- The Nightmare Is Almost Over

Tom Greene  | December 23rd, 2019

Indeed it is. With one game left, Lions fans must feel like they are going through hell. Or, at least, compared to expectations at the start of the year. A 27-17 loss to the Denver Broncos has brought the Lions record to 3-11-1… which could also be a recipe to an alcoholic drink. Lions fans have probably consumed a lot of those this season. Plus, while playing Denver, Orange Crush could be a drink of choice.

Kidding set aside, this season for the Lions has been nothing short of hellish. But, the good news is that there’s only one more to go. Let’s look at three things to take from this game.

1. The Return of Kerryon

As criticized as it has (and should) be, Kerryon Johnson returned from IR this week. It made a difference, despite it not showing in the box score. The Lions ran for a total of 96 yards, which isn’t much. But, it was their best showing since Week 10 in Chicago, when the running game began to stand still. Johnson rushed for 42 yards, Bo Scarbrough ran for 34 and Ty Johnson rushed for 20.

For the first time since Matthew Stafford went down, no Detroit QB rushed for a yard. Defense dominated this game, despite a total of 44 points in the final box score. This leads to point number two.

2. Defensive Stands

Ever since Stafford went down, the defense went with it. But, this game was defense-dominated, unlike most Lions games. Both Drew Lock and David Blough threw for a combined 315 yards. Matt Ryan threw for 383 yards and his team scored only 24 points. This tells you that defense isn’t just the total points on the scoreboard, it’s yards and turnovers combined with points.

While the Lions secondary played a formidable game, the run stopping wasn’t there. Phillip Lindsay ran for 109 yards and a score, better than Detroit’s entire running corps. It turned out to be the difference. On to point number three.

3. It’s the Same Old Song

Would you think I’d write a recap on a 3-11-1 team without something remotely interesting? The answer is an obvious NO. Here’s where I get creative.

The Four Tops sang a classic that came to my head once I sat down to write this, and it describes the 2019 Lions very well. You can listen to “The Same Old Song” here. Let’s break down the very beginning of it.

“You’re sweet as a honeybee, but when the honeybee stings, you’ve gone and left my heart in pain.”

Yes, that’s how it’s been. Having a lead in every game but one, but only winning three, can do that to you. That’s how the team feels. That’s how the front office feels.

“It’s the same old song, but with a different meaning since you’ve been gone.”

This, in comparison, is how the fanbase feels. Ever since the passing of William Clay Ford, Martha Ford has done anything she can to help the team. But, in the fans’ eyes, it feels like it’s the same result. It’s frustrating. But, remember, she’s doing all she can.

What’s Next?

A “Play for Pride” Week 17 game against Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers will be next. Are the fans interested? How will the stands look next Sunday? Does this matter?

In the Packers’ eyes, they do not care. A playoff seeding is in the balance.

For the Lions, it’s for pride and to possibly spoil the Packers’ Division hopes.

The season concludes at 1PM ET Sunday.

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