Chiefs vs. Jaguars: Week 2 Recap and Highlights


The Kansas City Chiefs faced the Jacksonville Jaguars on September 17 in Week 2 of the 2023 NFL season. Here are takeaways and highlights from the game.

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Final Score: Kansas City Chiefs 17, Jacksonville Jaguars 9

Any fan who expected a high-scoring game because of the offenses was in for a shock when it was the defenses that showed up instead. The Chiefs had three turnovers early in the game, and whatever was plaguing them from the last game appeared to be lingering. One might wonder if Eric Bieniemy was that good, actually, or if Matt Nagy is just not that great. Perhaps they are still attempting to get the offensive plan down. Although it is difficult to say, there’s no mistake their defense came to play today. Regardless of their issue, the Chiefs came out with the 17-9 victory over Jacksonville.

The Jaguars kicked off the scoring in the game with a field goal, although that didn’t happen until the second quarter. The Chiefs turned the ball over of a muffed punt return, but the defense was able to hold the Jaguars to only three points. The next points happened at the end of the quarter. The Chiefs scored a touchdown on a pass from Patrick Mahomes to Skyy Moore. However, the Chiefs allowed the Jaguars to get three more points as the quarter ended. In the third quarter, a connection between Mahomes and Travis Kelce put another seven points on the board for the Chiefs. The next points came in the fourth. Jacksonville was able to manage a field goal, and not too long after that, the Chiefs were able to get a field goal as well.

The Jaguars couldn’t keep the pressure off Trevor Lawrence, and their play-calling could use more faith in the offense. Their defense forced two turnovers in addition to the muffed punts the Chiefs gave them. They were able to hold the Chiefs to 17 points. Meanwhile, the Chiefs really shot themselves in the foot, not just with the offensive plays but with the penalties. Having 12 penalties for 94 yards does not help win a football game.


Looking Forward

At the moment, this game doesn’t mean much; however, if both teams make the playoffs, you never know if it will come into play. Most fans expected the Chiefs to rebound back after last week’s loss. For a while, it appeared as if the outcome would be the same as last week, given the penalties and the not-so-great play by the offense for the Chiefs. The Jaguars need to protect Lawrence and execute more plays. Thanks to Brandon McManus, they were able to have points on the board.

The Jaguars will host the Houston Texans (0-2). They will need to figure out their identity on the offense while continuing to improve their already winning defense. If they can win over the Texans, it will go a long way to cement their hold on the AFC South and will give them some momentum with the trip to London coming up soon.

Kansas City will host the Chicago Bears (0-2). They, too, will need to find their way on offense if they want to defeat the Bears. Chicago will be looking to make a comeback, and it will take both sides of the ball for the Chiefs to ensure a victory at home. Hopefully, this game will help them work the kinks out of the offense and get them back on the road to solidifying their place in the playoffs.

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