Carlson’s Top Five NFL Quarterbacks


There is plenty of quarterbacks in the NFL right now that are capable of being on this list, but there are five that stand out among the 32 starters in the NFL. When diving into those quarterbacks, eliminating the number of rings they have, playoff wins, and stats they produce is a good start in helping decide which ones are truly the most talented. Stats are skewed and playoff wins and rings are won by the entire team, not just one player. It’s important to understand that before entering an argument of this sort, don’t judge a player simply based on how much he is getting paid to play. In this article, the discussion is simply focusing on individual talent at the position, present-day.

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1) Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers

Eliminating the “he can’t get it done in the playoffs” slander and solely focusing on his ability to play the position, it’s completely obvious that he is one of the best to ever do it at the position. His natural ability to understand defenses, ability to step up in the pocket, move with his feet, turn broken plays into touchdowns and his level of IQ are through the roof. No other quarterback, besides maybe Tom Brady and Peyton Manning has understood the game at a level like Rodgers. Appreciating his greatness, outside of championships is exactly what every football fan needs to do before he is gone.

2) Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City Chiefs

Mahomes took the football world by storm, especially with the way the team rallied around him. His best trait is probably just that, his ability to get an entire 53-man roster to rally around him as the leader. His team goes to war for him, and even without talking about rings or playoff wins, Mahomes talent at the position is still clearly there. The action-packed, side-arm throws that he makes have fans’ jaws dropping all across America. Once Rodgers retires, it will be highly likely he will slide into that top spot.

3) Josh Allen, Buffalo Bills

Allen took yet another huge leap this past season as he continues to grow at the position. His natural arm strength gives him a rocket for an arm and his physical attributes such as his height and weight make him as hard to tackle as an NFL running back. He continues steps of good progression year after year and there and when it comes to the talent he is probably equal with Mahomes. However, he probably has a higher ceiling than Mahomes as the rapid growth has yet to subside. He makes players around him better and his mentality will make the Mahomes vs. Allen duals incredible to watch over the next five to 10 years.

4) Lamar Jackson, Baltimore Ravens

Placing Jackson this high is not typically what a lot of analysts do, however, cut the Jackson slander. The simple slander is that “he can’t throw”, it’s what they have all been saying since the day he was drafted. There has not been a quarterback like him besides Michael Vick. Vick walked so Jackson could run and it’s shown over the last few seasons. The Ravens are not a good team without Jackson and it’s shown down the stretch with Jackson’s injury last season. He not only makes them a good team, but he also makes them a great team. He still has room to grow and it will show over the next couple of years too.

5) Tom Brady, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

A list of top quarterbacks can’t be generated without including Brady’s name in the top five. He is up there in age now, retired then un-retired, but he still can play. Other names that can be thrown in the top five are Matthew StaffordJustin Herbert, and maybe Joe Burrow or Dak Prescott. Many will think Jackson is too high, but individual talent speaks and he’s not. Brady will perform this year and still have a good impact on the team. His name is simply here because of what he’s done and what he continues to do. Those younger names will slot in here in a year or two.

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