Can Real Madrid Beat Liverpool in the UCL Final?

Real Madrid Liverpool 2022

For the first time since 2018, Real Madrid is in the UEFA Champions League final. Los Blancos are looking to capture their 14th title. The club left standing in their way is Liverpool, the same one they defeated four years ago to win the title; a rematch that’s been four years in the making. Liverpool remembers how things went in 2018, and they are determined to return the favor.

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Real Madrid’s path to the final truly speaks for itself. Eliminating the tournament’s two heavy favorites as well as the defending champions was how Real Madrid was able to solidify themselves as a legitimate contender. Los Blancos didn’t get past Paris Saint-Germain, Chelsea, and Manchester City by any stroke of luck. Resiliency has been a major key in Real Madrid’s journey to the final. Perhaps their most important key to victory in the tournament so far. They will definitely need it on the 28th in the final against Liverpool.

Real Madrid has not lost a Champions League final since 1981. Interestingly enough, they lost that match to Liverpool. In addition, the 1981 final took place in Paris, France. In another coincidence, this year’s final is in Paris, as well. Therefore, the whole between both clubs certainly goes back longer than four years. The score is 1-1. Each club is looking to break the deadlock.

How Does Real Madrid Win the Title?

Los Blancos need to remain no less than two steps ahead of their opponent. Liverpool is not the kind of team that lets up in any situation. Real Madrid needs to take immediate control and remain in control for the entirety of the game. In other words, they need to avoid granting Liverpool any favors or advantages. They will want to secure the win in 90 minutes. Although they have survived twice in extra time already, it’s better to avoid it this time.

Real Madrid will have to get on the board as quickly as possible. Their defense takes on a strong Liverpool attack, so if Real Madrid can score at least two quick goals and maintain a double lead, they will gain the upper hand. Los Blancos need to be strong on both the attack and on defense. They cannot miss out on scoring opportunities. In Real Madrid’s case, missing scoring opportunities gives Liverpool hope. Again, they must not afford Liverpool any favors.

If Liverpool finds themselves down by two, they’ll only turn the pressure up. It’s clear that regardless of any advantage Los Blancos are in, it won’t be a walk in the park for them. Liverpool is coming for everything they have. Real Madrid needs to be strong in this game. More importantly, they need to be more resilient than ever.

How Good is Liverpool?

Liverpool is at least four times stronger than the team they were four years ago. They are definitely twice as strong as they were when they won last won the UCL in 2019, without a doubt. This season, Liverpool has hoisted both the EFL and FA Cup. In addition, they are still in contention for the English Premier League title. The Reds are determined to win the Premier League and their seventh Champions League title.

The club is always eager to win a title, and they will stop at nothing to achieve their desired accomplishments. Like Real Madrid, Liverpool has a unique and brilliant winning mentality, along with strong team chemistry. Furthermore, Liverpool is a very resilient team.

UCL Final kick-off: May 28, 3pm EDT (US)

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