Buccaneers Officially Announce New Uniforms for 2020 Season

After nearly two weeks of whirlwind speculation, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have made it official: new uniforms are coming.

The video teaser begins with a classic film style countdown. Then, “BUCS!” very quickly flashes on the screen before it cuts to someone handling a classic creamsicle Lee Roy Selmon jersey.

The screen then fades to black before flashing “SUPER!” again in only a single frame akin to subliminal messaging. We then see a white Simeon Rice jersey from the Super Bowl era uniforms hanging on a rack.

Next, after another fade out, “Return” blows by in another single frame before revealing a red No. 14 jersey in the current but soon-to-be-former alarm clock design.

Unlike the previous two jerseys shown, this one is not of a Buccaneer legend from yesteryear (unless someone thought it would be funny to use Ryan Fitzpatrick).

Most likely, the No. 14 is meant to represent the 14th overall draft spot the Buccaneers current hold in the coming 2020 NFL draft.

Finally, after one last fade to black, “NEW ERA” blinks onto the screen before we see someone feeding red jersey material through the whirring needle of a sewing machine. We then see April 2020 in the final two seconds before the video ends.

Now, 12 days after the initial teaser video unleashed a torrid storm of speculation, excitement, and consternation, the Buccaneers have made three new pieces of information official.

First, new uniforms are definitely coming. Obviously, this isn’t much of a revelation as the first teaser was hardly subtle. This just makes it offical.

Second, the primary jersey color will be red. Now, this doesn’t rule out alternate third jerseys, but the team’s primary home jersey (when its cool enough, that is) will still be red. The team will not be returning to creamsicle orange nor Bucco Bruce, as many have speculated.

Finally, we know the new design will be unveiled in April 2020. Again, this is no major surprise. As previously noted here, new uniforms are typically released in April in the weeks leading up to the draft.

The New York Jets revealed their made-over design on April 4, 2019. The Detroit Lions before them did so on April 13, 2017. The Cleveland Browns released their old-is-new design on April 14, 2015.

What remains to be seen is if Tampa Bay will make their ultimate unveiling at the beginning of the month as the Jets did last offseason or if they will wait until approximately two weeks prior to the draft as the Browns and Lions did.

So, we know new uniforms are (mercifully) coming. We know they will feature red as the primary home jersey color. We know the final reveal will be coming this April.

However, what color with the helmet be? Will the skull and crossed-swords logo remain as previously speculated here? The original creamsicles have been referenced heavily in both videos. Does that mean orange will be featured more prominently in the new design than it was in the Super Bowl era versions? Did they, in fact, darken the pewter to a more gunmetal grey color as it appeared in the initial teaser?

As the Buccaneers’ offical Twitter account has been trickling out information on a pretty steady basis, we should continue to see teasers and possibly confirmations to some of the above questions in the lead up to the final unveiling. Until then, stay tuned.

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