Breaking: Patriots Scandal Footage Released

Everyone has been clamoring to see some sort of video evidence when it comes to this entire Patriots sideline situation, and now we finally got something.


The video pretty much falls exactly in line with everything the Patriots already admitted to, so if there really isn’t any new information being shown.

But just like with anything, seeing an actual video of the incident will most likely make matters worse for New England. Fairly or unfairly.

The video in no way shape or form proves that Bill Belichick or anybody on the football side of the organization had any sinister plan with what the film crew was doing. And while the videographer offering to just delete the footage can be seen as questionable, he very well may have just wanted to end everything there. No harm no foul.

Again, this video falls in line with what the team already admitted to earlier this week in a press release. There really haven’t been any discrepancies when it comes to both sides explaining what happened.

The only thing that has not yet been proven is if there was any master plan by Belichick and the Patriots to cheat using the footage.

With all the uncertainty surrounding this entire situation, one thing is for sure. This entire ordeal isn’t over by a long shot.

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