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When you draft a young quarterback, the first thing you need to do is draft or sign players around him. The reason is to help him develop and find consistency. The Buffalo Bills either forgot that part or really overestimated the players on their team last season.

As of today, the Bills may have found a diamond in the rough with Robert Foster. They do have Zay Jones, a second-round pick in 2017, who hasn’t lived up to his draft position as of yet. The rest of the wide receivers on the team are projects or hopefuls. Here is the best player in the draft at the receiver position who could be a top target for the Bills.

NAME: D.K. Metcalf

SCHOOL: Ole Miss

POSITION: Wide Receiver


CLASS: Redshirt Sophomore


HEIGHT: 6-foot-3

WEIGHTY: 225 pounds


Release off the ball:
Metcalf has a natural technique and power to beat man or press coverage. He displays a variety of hand and footwork to get start his route.

Size and speed translate well. A monster in the open field, Metcalf also has the speed to run past defenders in addition to the ability to keep his speed while tracking the ball.


He is a big receiver who plays like it. He doesn’t shy away from blocking and contact with defenders. When you see his size, he cleary has an advantage and is not afraid to use it.

Ball skills:
Metcalf has shown the ability to adjust to under-thrown balls. He utilizes his size and length to win a majority of jump balls.


Metcalf has shown that he isn’t immune to drops. He needs to show better consistency to optimize his catch radius.

Metcalf has the bloodline that coaches and scouts love to see. His father is Terry Metcalf, who played seven seasons in the NFL, and his uncle is Eric Metcalf, who was an All-Pro return specialist. There are stories out there that by the age of seven, D.K. was bench=pressing over 100 pounds.

You can see that Metcalf is a physical freak and can do things on the field people only dream about.

Now comes the challenge of trying to develop him into a talented NFL receiver, which will be up to the coaches and front office.


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