Baltimore Ravens: Lamar Jackson showing glimpses of Michael Vick


In a recent interview with TMZ Sports, former Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick stated that Lamar Jackson has improved since his rookie season. He even went far enough to say that he agrees that the young Baltimore Ravens quarterback should be compared to Vick himself.

Even though it is Jackson’s second year in the NFL, fans are looking at the next dual-threat force that will shake up the NFL for years. With his Vick-like agility and speed and his arm starting to come into play, Jackson is no fluke against weaker teams.

Playing against the Dolphins and Cardinals does not give people reason to believe the throwing running back is worth the hype. Jackson’s seven touchdowns for 596 yards in the air put him in conversations with Mahomes regarding the title of the best quarterback in the league right now. Jackson’s running game is half of his game, too.


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126 rushing yards on 19 attempts give Jackson almost seven yards per a carry … right in that same category as Vick. In Vick’s first two years, he rushed for 1,066 yards. Jackson is creeping on this stat, too, with 821 rushing yards in his 18-game career.

Although many people still argue Jackson is overrated, some of his deeper analytics for rushing and passing prove otherwise.


Jackson’s run game forces teams to back away from a man coverage scheme. As NFL fans saw with Vick, with man coverage, the defenders turn their back to the quarterback, who will then break free for several yards before being touched.

Jackson is using Vick’s strategy in 2019. He is averaging 4.2 yards before contact. Jackson can also take a hit with his smaller stature. He has averaged 2.4 yards after contact. In fact, 31.6% of his rushes have resulted in first downs.

In the passing game, Jackson started the 2019 season with a perfect 158.3 passer rating. His rating has dropped slightly to 145.2, but that mark is still the best in the league. The highest Vick ever finished was in 2010 at 100.2. Although Jackson is at 145.2, do not expect it to stay that high for the rest of the season. However, look at some other qualities hidden in his stats that coincide with Vick.

Through Jackson’s first 18 games, he has earned a completion percentage index score of 117.5. The average is 100, but with Jackson’s running ability, defenses stack the box more. This gives Jackson the ability to throw seams and drags across the middle to his receivers and tight ends. Also, with the addition of Marquise “Hollywood” Brown, Jackson can laser beam deep passes.


Jackson is always attacked for not being able to be accurate. He is not the most accurate quarterback like Brady, but his completion percentage index comes just over the bubble. Vick only passed the 100 mark once in his 13-year career with 106 in 2010.

Last but not least, each of these quarterbacks is known for eluding tacklers and breaking sacks. In Vick’s second year, he reached a 94 grade on the sack percentage index. Jackson is currently at 109 due to a strong offensive line and the willingness to release the ball more than last year.

Even though Jackson just started his second season in the NFL, the quarterback is showing signs of being the next electric player. He may not be on Vick’s level yet or possibly ever, but do not count Jackson out. He is more than a running back and, deep in his analytics, he is proving he is a near-elite quarterback.

Before we know it, we may be seeing another 2004 Vick in the 2019 season. A season that can put Jackson in MVP contention and on a Madden cover.


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