Prime Time Sports Talk began as a small operation hosted by Sam Gordon and Jack Aylmer. Since early 2017, Nathan Rollins was added as a third voice, and then Producer Alex entered the scene to make everything run smoothly. Now, the show breaks down the week in sports with an emphasis on what’s going on right here in Boston and beyond.

After several successful shows, including an interview with Super Bowl-winning former Patriots tight end Jermaine Wiggins, the Prime Time staff decided it was time to expand. So a team of writers was added and the website was created.

What started as a staff of two, became a crew of writers from all walks of life.

While giving you to up to date coverage on the sports people know and love, our EXCLUSIVES section gives fans stories with athletes only seen at PTST.

Including our talk with Joe Namath about his book All The Way: My Life in Four Quarters, 50 years after his infamous Super Bowl Guarantee. 

With stories on Deion Branch, Jacoby Jones, Brandon Jacobs and others, the “Life After Football” series is one example of Prime Time only content you WILL NOT find on any other sports news website.