A Rollercoaster of Emotions: Examining Cowboys Fans’ Thoughts from Loss to Bills

The Thanksgiving Day tilt between the Cowboys and Billls started off right before going downhill fast. Tony Romo was on the call while Troy Aikman and Joe Buck were not; that’s something to be thankful for.

Here are dozens of thoughts that ran through Cowboys fans’ minds throughout the game in chronological order. Disclaimer: it was a rollercoaster of emotions.

First Half

Why can’t our defense ever start a game, just once?

Amari Cooper with the catch; no shutout this week!

I’m feeling pretty confident about this game. We have the talent, are playing at home, and should win this easily. I knew I should have bet everything in my wallet on the boys this week.

Ooh, Bills playing dirty with the late blow to Cooper.

Jason Witten was wide open for the touchdown!

[7-0 Cowboys]

Let’s play just like this for the rest of the game and we will win 50-0!

Why do we not try to strip fumble other teams? We always go for the safe tackle. There’s a reason we don’t have turnovers.

Josh Allen goes down, and this defense wants to prove something today. I’m feeling a shutout.

Allen begging for a late hit before he even went down for the slide. I think he’s a little scared.

Boom Zeke, run Zeke, run. Oh, hold onto it! That’s the Zeke we know.

Get him! Of course Beasley gets the first down. Please don’t have the game of your life, Beasley, because I don’t want to hear all week on ESPN how we should have never let you go.

C’mon, Sean Lee, wrap him up! Man, I wished we had Leighton Vander Esch back.

Tony’s Tape Room. Ooh, yes, that name is stupid and gimmicky.

Byron is either the best cornerback or he sucks.

Almost Lewis! Man, if you had intercepted that against Beasley, I would have done a backflip off the kitchen table.

Blitz on third down. We always just sit back and let the quarterback throw wherever he wants on third down.

Dak diving for a first down.

That’s a first down; terrible ball placement.

Of course we go to a commercial.

With the head coaching job on the line, we see a quarterback sneak and first down from our 20! I like the call, now stay aggressive!

Why is Garrett only aggressive when his job is on the line?

Slow man Witten with the third and long. Can we please put Jarwin in more? Look, I know Witten is a future Hall of Famer but the dude is slow.

Anyone but Beasley!

I don’t care, I’d still rather have Cobb.

Can the cameras please stop showing Beasley?

Dak, what are you doing?

Byron, intercept that.

Buffalo’s kicker has missed five of his last six. We have a shot. He missed it!

Throw it, throw it, throw it! You’re holding on to it for too long, Dak. Please just throw the rock.

Strip fumble, someone tackle him. I need you to play good right now, Dak. I have beefed you up to everyone I know all week, so don’t let me down.

Our play-calling is predictable again. We have to do something different. I just don’t understand how our play-calling goes up and down.

Turn around and you can intercept that, Thompson. Kris Richard has declined this year.

Allen is standing there like a monument with all the time in the world to throw. Of course, he throws it to Beasley. We have three outstanding defensive lineman and we never put pressure on the quarterback on third downs.

Did Covington not have that ball? No, just grab the ball. How does Allen come away with the ball and run it? We can’t get anything to go our way.

It’s tough to watch these games all the time.

Bills score here and after the half we may be down 14 points before we get the ball again. My life is in shambles.

Reverse, reverse, he’s going to throw it. Touchdown Bills. This game is over.  Are we even going to finish 8-8?

He missed the extra point.

Still getting out-coached. I’ve never seen Jason Garrett talk to anyone but the ref.

Ok, let’s score here and lead at the half.

Interception! Flag! Whew! Is this how the Patriots feel?

Dak is not feeling it. Low pass, and thankfully Zeke pushed the ball out of bounds or it could have been another interception.

Stay on your feet, Zeke! Timeout! … If Zeke could stay on his feet, he would have over 150 yards already. Why can’t Zeke stay on his feet?

With 13 seconds left, take a shot here.

Garrett is coaching to lose again! He had no intentions of trying to score a touchdown there. The plan was to only kick a field goal. Terrible game management. I hate Jason Garrett!

Tony Romo is a genius; I love listening to him analyze! Can we hire Romo? He just makes everyone smarter.

Throw it to Witten for a safe field goal opportunity.

It’s hard to be a Cowboy fan.

This Thanksgiving is ruined.

Fire Jason Garrett!

Brett Maher … missed it. Ugh!

Hmmm, I hope Texas beats Texas Tech tomorrow.

Who is this halftime singer and what is she wearing? Is that … a lampshade? Really, this is who we get?

Second Half

Beasley again! Are you kidding me?

I don’t think that was intentional to rip his mask off.

I like our field goal chances here. [Seconds later…] Clank, missed it! Wait, it went in?

Show the replay.

How are we losing to the Bills?

This game is over! 90 minutes ago, I thought we were going to win, 50-0. I really hate the Cowboys!

Brett Maher. Sigh.

The defense has given up. Sean Lee didn’t even try to tackle Allen.

Hey, Jerry Jones, the players are quitting.

Please fire Garrett. When is the last time Jones has been on the field during a game? It’s time for him to make a trip down to the field.

23 unanswered points by the Bills. Time is running out with only three minutes left in the third quarter. I hate my life!

We can move the ball up the field, but we can’t score.

I hate football.

Dak wants to win. That was a great run and what a hit!

Please get both feet in … please, both feet.

Only one foot in…

You have to be aggressive here and go for it. I’d rather lose playing aggressively than lose playing safe.

What a bad throw by Dak, but even worse play call. We just don’t have ice in our veins.  We don’t know how to win against good teams.

I blame it on Witten. Why did he come back? Witten needs to retire again. He bothers me.

The only hope here is a three-and-out.

There went that hope. Game over.

Whoever has three and seven in squares is having a good day. I hate whoever has those numbers. Squares are stupid.

I wonder if Garrett will actually get fired?

I have 135 missed texts. My friends suck!

I wonder how frustrated Jones is feeling right now because I’ve thrown everything that is within arms reach of me.

No. 88 walks like a punk.

The hBills have had the ball for six minutes this last quarter. Fire the house. Kris Richard needs to go, too.

I wonder what our special teams stats are today? Who plays next?

I can’t believe we are about to be 6-6.

The second quarter killed us.

I am glad I didn’t buy tickets to this game.

Why in the world is Cooper on the sideline right now?

[Seconds later…]

Cooper is done for the day after that hit. He should have been on the sideline!

I keep watching this team game after game, let down after let down.

Cooper is back!

Quick shot to Garrett, and he’s clapping, of course!

I’m not even watching anymore.

The only way this day can be saved is to fire Jason Garrett!


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