A Return to Juventus for Paul Pogba

Juventus Paul Pogba

Six years ago, Juventus sold Paul Pogba to Manchester United for a then world record fee of £89.3. After a very difficult and stressful spell in Manchester, Pogba is returning to Turin on a free transfer. The agreement is complete and confirmed. The deal is for four years and is expected to be signed early next month.

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In his first spell with Juventus, Pogba won four straight Serie A titles. In addition, he won back-to-back Coppa Italia titles along with two Supercoppa Italia titles. A total of eight titles in a four-year span is brilliant. Pogba’s skills were brilliant and his accomplishments solidified his status as a future star not only for domestic play but for international play as well with his native France.


Pogba’s Recent Spell at Old Trafford

Unfortunately, his recent time with Manchester United had been beyond disappointing. Winning only two titles in a span of six seasons doesn’t do Pogba any good. In addition, a fallout with former manager José Mourinho made things more complicated. Furthermore, the injuries and inconsistency continued to kick in and Pogba could not recover.

Earlier this month, Pogba announced his departure from the club. The 29-year-old midfielder has stressed that he is looking for what is best for him. In other words, he wants to enjoy the sport again.

“I am just looking for the best,” Pogba said in an interview with Uninterrupted. “I just want to play football, always be myself and enjoy what I do.”

Pogba further insisted that he needs to enjoy what he does, otherwise he cannot perform to the best of his ability. It is clear that Pogba needs what any player coming off a bad spell needs; a fresh start.

Pogba’s Big Chance

With that much-needed fresh start, Pogba has a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to turn his career around. Now that he is to play in a competitive environment he’s familiar with, the 29-year-old certainly has the potential to redeem himself. This is a chance to improve his career in both domestic and international duty.

Juventus is coming off a tough season. They were runners-up in the finals of both the Coppa Italia and Supercoppa Italiana. In addition, they were eliminated from the UEFA Champions League in the round of 16. Furthermore, they finished 4th in the Serie A table. For the first time since 2011, Juventus went through a season without winning a title.

In Pogba’s case, if he can play well enough to make an impact and help Juventus be in contention for a title and win one, his goal of achieving redemption is would be well on its way to being accomplished. However, Juventus needs to put together a team capable of playing and winning as a group.

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