72 Memories from The Last Dance


Every sports fan probably knows about The Last Dance documentary. A documentary that became more famous because there was nothing else to watch during the quarantine lockdown. Here are the 72 memories.

  1. Michael Jordan was really Mike Jordan but the game-winning shot he made for North Carolina changed that.
  2. North Carolina player James Worthy saying that he was the best player for about 2 weeks.
  3. The college highlight reel where Jordan jumped too high to block a shot that his head hit the backboard.
  4. Jordan jokingly inviting Jerry Krause to join them in the lay-up line and how they’d have to lower the rim.
  5. That background music the Chicago Bulls would use during their player introductions. Chills.
  6. Jordan’s hats.
  7. Jordan asking money from his parents through mail when he was a student.
  8. Randy Brown shouting “What time is it?!” in the tunnel.
  9. David Stern saying “Scott Pippen” during the NBA draft.
  10. Jordan playing golf with Danny Ainge before game 2 of the playoffs.
  11. Scottie Pippen‘s speech during the Ring Ceremony (1997).
  12. Ahmad Rashad had one of the coolest jobs back in the ’90s.
  13. Craig Sager giving cash to Dennis Rodman and saying “that’ll pay for your fine.”
  14. The scene where we get introduced to Jordan’s security detail.
  15. Jordan having his own area near the locker room.
  16. Dennis Rodman’s vacation leave request.
  17. Realizing that one of Rodman’s hair design was a “bunch of number 33s” for Pippen.
  18. Carmen Electra.
  19. Sam Smith and his book The Jordan Rules.
  20. Every time Jordan is told to watch a video on a tablet. Meme-worthy.
  21. Footage of Scott Burrell saying “Hey, don’t put that on tape” while Jordan is making fun of him.
  22. Bill Wennington thinking that Ahmad Rashad makes more money than him.
  23. Kobe Bryant saying “What you get from me… is from him… I don’t get 5 championships… without him.”
  24. Jordan vs. Kobe in the All-Star Game (1998).
  25. Seeing a trouble-free Jayson Williams (former New Jersey Net).
  26. Jordan’s mom telling him to attend the Nike meeting.
  27. The Shoes. Air Jordan 1.
  28. The Shoes. Air Jordan 4.
  29. Mars Blackmon.
  30. How anyone or any event can be used as motivation for Jordan.
  31. “You can’t smoke it. It will stunt your growth.” Jordan talking about victory cigars to Jerry Krause.
  32.  The intensity of the Dream Team practice sessions.
  33. Thunder Dan Majerle.
  34. Charles Barkley during interviews.
  35. The dominance of a young and skinny Charles Barkley.
  36. Randy Brown asking for game tickets from Jordan.
  37. Gary Sinise buying game tickets from a booth.
  38. Jerry Seinfeld saying “This is not going to work by the way” while pointing to a set play drawn on a blackboard.
  39. Jordan’s cars and plate numbers.
  40. Pippen being underpaid.
  41. Steve Kerr‘s “I gotta bail Michael out again” story.
  42. The “5 guys delivering pizza in Utah” story.
  43. The “I ate the Pizza. All by myself.” revelation.
  44. Jordan’s retirement press conference.
  45. Pippen’s childhood background story.
  46. Toni Kukoc‘s arrival.
  47. Pippen’s chair-throwing tantrum.
  48. Baseball Highlights of Jordan.
  49. Sports Illustrated with the “Bag it, Michael” cover.
  50. Jordan vs. Scott Burrell in practice.
  51. LaBradford Smith.
  52. Jordan calling B.J. Armstrong about joining practice.
  53. “I’m back.” through a Fax Machine.
  54. The Backwards Shorts.
  55. The duo of Gary Payton and Shawn Kemp.
  56. The audio of Jordan crying after the 1996 Finals.
  57. Orlando Magic Horace Grant.
  58. Charlotte Hornet B.J. Armstrong.
  59. Rodman’s side trip to go wrestling.
  60. Hulk Hogan.
  61. Footage of Rodman sneaking out using “Gate 3 and a half”.
  62. Willow Bay and memories of the show NBA Inside Stuff.
  63. Tex Winter and the triangle offense.
  64. Karl Malone boarding the bus to congratulate the Chicago Bulls.
  65. Danny Ainge facing the Bulls 2 years in a row. One with the Portland Trailblazers and one with the Phoenix Suns.
  66.  The heart-breaking story of Steve Kerr’s dad.
  67. The heart-breaking story of Jordan’s dad.
  68. The Space Jam basketball tent.
  69. Finally… Jordan’s kids make an appearance.
  70. How you’ll keep asking yourself “What if social media was around during the Bulls era?”
  71. That was not a push-off.
  72. The Last Shot.

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