5 Takeaways From Super Bowl 57

Super Bowl

The Kansas City Chiefs defeated the Philadelphia Eagles 38-35 in Super Bowl 57. Fans were expecting a close game, and it delivered. However, it was not without controversy. Even though the game lived up to its hype, the officiating was again called into question, giving football fans even more ammunition about games being rigged. If you take that out of the picture for a moment, you are left with two teams deserving of a victory. You have two brothers going against each other for bragging rights and a shiny trophy. You have Andy Reid going up against his former team. It was exciting to watch all the makings of an extraordinary story unfold.

Now that we are a week removed from the highs and lows of the Super Bowl, it is important to look back on what was great and perhaps not so great. So here are a few takeaways from the game.

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Everybody Doubted the Chiefs

All the doubt about being able to defeat the Eagles was not an overnight surprise or because of Patrick Mahomes‘ injury. The doubt began not too long after the 2021-22 season was over. Other teams in the AFC West were making moves, pulling rabbits out of hats, and other supposedly spectacular moves. The Chiefs? They lost Tyreek Hill. They no longer had Tyran Mathieu. It was over for them. Done. No chance of making the playoffs and an even smaller chance of having a good season.

So, What Was Going On?

Josh Allen and Joe Burrow were the new Kings of the quarterbacks, along with a few others. It seems like everybody forgot about Mahomes. The Chiefs were no longer the darling underdogs of years past. They made two Super Bowls, winning one and a second appearance for a loss. Everyone felt like it was time for another team to take the reigns. (They conveniently disregarded all of the New England Patriots postseason appearances.)

It’s not hard for Chiefs fans to find the receipts. Between YouTube videos of sports critics/hosts and Twitter messages, there are a plethora of people who thought the Chiefs would not do anything this season beyond perhaps having a winning season, if that. Since the Super Bowl victory, it has been brought up by various Chiefs players. However, now they are trying to gaslight Chiefs fans by saying that all of it wasn’t true. While there may have been those who expected at least a winning season from the Chiefs, many more said this season was going to be bad for Kansas City.

Mahomes Is the Man

Mahomes has a natural talent for football. He has a strong arm, excellent accuracy, and exceptional athleticism, which makes him a versatile and dynamic quarterback. Mahomes is known for his exceptional work ethic. He spends countless hours studying the game, watching film, and practicing. This has allowed him to continually improve his game and remain at the top. His natural talent and work ethic enable his creativity to come through when a play goes wrong. He has the ability to improvise and make plays on the fly and is not afraid to take risks. Mahomes can make something out of nothing, which shows he can stay focused and make intelligent decisions under pressure. Most important beyond all of these is his leadership abilities. Mahomes can motivate and inspire his teammates. He is respected by his peers and is known for his positive attitude and work ethic.

Officiating Issues…What Else is New

Despite the NFL stating they have taken steps to address concerns, such as implementing new rules and training officials more rigorously, it should be noted that inconsistency of calls and the lack of clarity is still occurring in games. It is so frustrating for fans they have made “The NFL is rigged” a trending topic on many forums and social apps. Unfortunately, the Chiefs were involved in two instances of fans not liking the call by the refs in the playoffs.

What Makes a Dynasty?

Typically, a dynasty in sports is described as a team that has achieved significant and sustained success over several years, typically through multiple championship victories. The Chiefs have hosted five straight AFC Conference Championships, been to the Super Bowl three out of those five years, and have come away the winners in two. Are they a dynasty? It probably depends on who you ask.

The better question may be, “Is this the. beginning of a dynasty for Kansas City?” At this point, it is difficult to determine. Normally years of sustained success and victories are needed. While the Chiefs have shown they are a talented team with a strong foundation, it remains to be seen whether they will be able to sustain this level of success over the long term and win multiple championships in the process. Nevertheless, the possibility is there; the Kansas City Chiefs need to run with it.

The Chiefs Will Make Another Super Bowl

When you have Mahomes at the helm with Reid, the Chiefs will always have the chance to make it to a Super Bowl. Of course, it is difficult to say with complete certainty they will make it back. However, as of right now, their chances are looking good. The rookies will have a season under their belt, and they can work on improving their abilities and play at their position. If the Chiefs can maintain a high level of performance and consistency, they certainly have a good chance of making it to another Super Bowl. However, several factors could impact their chances, such as injuries, changes in the coaching staff, and the strength of their opponents in the playoffs.

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