3 Reasons Patriots Fans Shouldn’t Worry About Playoffs

We’re currently at the same point in the cycle as we usually are this time of year. The Patriots, despite being on track for a first-round bye, are being written off by basically every national media outlet and most fanbases. In fact, even their own fans have written them off. Here are three reasons why you shouldn’t be worried about this Patriots team.

1. Brady and Belichick

Does anything else have to even be said? The Patriots have figured out ways to win every year for the last two decades despite lack of talent, team turmoil and a plethora of scandals. This year has been no exception with emphasis on a lack of talent and scandals. With undrafted rookie Jakobi Meyers as their go-to second option for at least half of the games this season, the weapons clearly haven’t been there.

There have been no shortage of scandals either between the pre-season Robert Kraft massage parlor ordeal, Antonio Brown, the sudden release of Josh Gordon, and Spygate 2.0. Ultimately, these are just more talking points on the eventual “Do Your Job Part 4” that will come out after an eventual Patriots Super Bowl 54 victory.

Worry all you want and listen to whatever headlines come out on ESPN or FS1. The Rob Parkers and Nick Wrights of the world will all have to eat their words once again when Belichick schemes a playoff game-plan and Tom Brady executes. Super Bowl back on, parade back on.

2. This happened last year

Sure, the Patriots don’t win the Super Bowl every year. So, by default, the Brady-Belichick argument only works roughly 33 percent of the time. If that isn’t enough to believe, maybe last year will be. According to last year, the Patriots are somewhat ahead of schedule. During Week 15 last year, the Patriots, after coming off a 34-33 loss at the hands of the Miami Miracle, lost 17-10 to the Pittsburgh Steelers. 10 points against a very average Steelers defense had all of New England questioning what exactly was going on. They followed it up with a 24-point all out-rushing attack against the Bills and things seemed to calm down once the bye was clinched. It was a new style of play for this New England offense, but overall, pretty effective.

This season, after Week 15, New England jumped on the Bengals, 34-13. It wasn’t their best offensive showing by any means but it certainly was good enough for a win. Once again, the Patriots play Buffalo in Week 16 and then see another divisional opponent against Miami at home to finish off the season. With the division and a possible first-round bye on the line, expect the Patriots to go all out and unleash whatever offensive weapons they’re hiding. Despite the regular-season offensive struggles, the Patriots combined for 78 points in their first two post-season games. Expect something similar this year.

3. They’re starting to get healthy

We haven’t seen much of a healthy Patriots team this season by any means. N’Keal Harry was on Injured Reserve until week 10, and the first week he was active, Mohamed Sanu went down with an ankle injury. Although returning in Week 13, there were still concerns about Sanu’s health. Last Sunday was the first time Patriots fans were able to see both Harry and Sanu active and fully healthy. The product looked pretty good.

Although not a huge piece, tight end Matt Lacosse seems much more explosive than he has in previous weeks. With a plethora of injuries he had been dealing with, it’s fair to assume that he also has gotten healthier. The hope is that left tackle Isaiah Wynn can continue his progress and eventually be at 100 percent both health-wise and for game preparation. He has played the last couple of weeks but has not had much of an impact.

There you have it. Three reasons why Patriots fans shouldn’t worry. See you in February in Miami, and three days later on Tremont St. for the Parade.

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