2022 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Phidarian Mathis

Phidarian Mathis

Phidarian Mathis was a four-star recruit out of Louisiana and was a big part of the rivalry between LSU and Alabama. However, Mathis chooses not to stay home but instead play for the Crimson Tide. Born and raised in Wisner, LA, he played at Neville High School and was a very productive player. Mathis was a highly-touted prospect as the No. 37 prospect in the ESPN 300 ranking. Furthermore, with an imposing resume during his time at Alabama, he is looking to continue his success in the NFL.

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Player Bio

Name: Phidarian Mathis
Jersey: No. 48
Position: Defensive Tackle
School: Alabama
Class: Redshirt Senior
Height: 6’4″
Weight: 312 lbs

Games Watched: Georgia (2021), Auburn (2021), LSU (2021), Texas A&M (2019)

Significant Injury History: None

Player Breakdown

Block Shedding (13/15)

Mathis is more than capable of releasing off his blocks. While he is mainly used as a run stopper and gap sealer, he can quickly become a pass rusher if the scheme needs him to be. With monstrous hand power, he is a force on the interior. However, Mathis needs to get better at using a few finesse moves instead of just power. Furthermore, Mathis has no problem getting around a player in his way, especially if it’s a run towards his gap.

Strength at the LOS (13/15)

At 312 pounds, Mathis has no issue using strength to overwhelm his opponents. Overall, Mathis has exceptional power in his hands and shows it every snap. With his hand strength comes his innate ability to control and maneuver offensive linemen at the point of attack. He is seemingly effortless when disengaging from players, primarily because he throws them out of the way. Furthermore, bone-cracking linemen will wear down entering the fourth quarter with a long arm move at his disposal.

Pass Rush Ability (11/15)

Mathis’s game isn’t about rushing the passer. However, it doesn’t mean he can’t do it. While at Alabama, he lined up in multiple different fronts, which was a testament to his pass-rush ability. However, Mathis could gain for learning a few new pass-rushing moves to his arsenal. At the same time, learning counters that aren’t just about power could serve his game in a very positive light. Furthermore, Mathis has the strength and mindset to be an interior force that causes havoc for opposing quarterbacks and run game.

Consistency (13/15)

He was a part of an intense defensive line rotation that always kept players fresh during his time at Alabama. While in the rotation, Mathis was consistently giving everything he had once on the field. One of the questions that remain is what’s his battery like? Because of the rotation, we don’t know how much effort he can give before his battery is drained. However, the one thing that can’t be questioned is his effort level. Mathis consistently will chase down ball carriers from behind and run multiple yards downfield in chase of the ball. Furthermore, anytime Mathis is on the field, no one will be able to question his effort or consistency.

Push (8/10)

Mathis has incredible functional strength, showing how he leaps off the snap. Standing at 6’4″, he already has a low center base; paired with an explosive lower body, Mathis gets off the ball and often wins. Mathis has a remarkable ability to engage with blockers and stay low during the entity of the play. With an innate ability to keep offensive linemen from getting to the second level, the push he gets off the ball is outstanding. However, he will need to improve at striking with his hands just a split second earlier than usual.

Length Usage (8/10)

Coming in at the combine with 34-inch arms, Mathis won’t have a problem dealing with interior linemen. However, there has been an issue when dealing with the top-level internal players in college. Kenyon Green gave Mathis a lot of fits when they played in 2021. With Green jumping off the line faster than Mathis could, Green got in contact with Mathis quicker than he could. At the same time, Mathis could benefit from better technique when shooting his hand punch out.

Athleticism (7/10)

Unfortunately, Mathis will not be the most athletic player teams can choose from. However, that doesn’t mean he is a Snorlax blocking the road, it’s the opposite. With Mathis having a solid level of athleticism to play in the NFL, he won’t be tasked to serve as a sideline to sideline player. Although Mathis is best suited for clogging gaps and taking on double teams, it doesn’t mean he can’t chase down ball carriers from behind.

Football IQ (9/10)

Mathis was tasked to play many positions along the front during his time at Alabama. This was a massive testament to his football ability and IQ. Mathis having to play a gap scheme from multiple positions allowed him to switch between a three-technique and a five-technique. He can quickly diagnose blocks and play them better than most, so he is dominant as a run defender. Furthermore, Mathis was a key cog for that defensive line, with Alabama running multiple front defenses.

Player Summary

Mathis more than likely won’t become an every-down player for any team. However, his best role will be being a run stopper on short-yard situations and first down. In addition, he will probably come off the field on second and third down, depending on the distance. While he has a lot of upsides and unique starting ability, he can make a few improvements. Mathis demonstrates incredible play strength and gap control, which makes him exciting. However, he will be a force to deal with from his excellent base and Mechanic for years to come.

Rookie Projection: Rotational Defensive Lineman

Third Year Projection: Starting Defensive Lineman

Final Grade (82/100): Late Second-Round Pick

Player Comp: Dalvin Tomlinson

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