2022 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Logan Hall

Logan Hall

Logan Hall has a very bright future ahead of him, but that doesn’t mean he won’t need help. The University of Houston’s big, fast, and physical defensive lineman is a gem of the draft. After having a very successful final season where the world saw him blossom into an exhilarating draft prospect. However, he has a few holes in his game that must be taken care of. As a result, the junior out of Benton, Texas, decided to stay home and play for Houston, where he had a few roadblocks facing him. Furthermore, looking at his college career, it’s clear that he still has room to grow, and NFL teams know it.

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Player Bio

Name: Logan Hall
Jersey: No. 92
Position: Defensive Lineman
School: Houston
Class: Junior
Height: 6’6″
Weight: 275 lbs

Games Watched: Texas Tech (2021), Rice (2021), Navy (2021), Kansas (2021)

Significant Injury History: None

Player Breakdown 

Block Shedding (12/15) 

Looking at Halls’s block shedding, he has a lot of skills that will allow him to become fluid in run support. However, he needs to use his length and size to serve better the team he plays for. With great counters at his disposal, the only downside to his block shedding is how often he can use his massive side to his ability. Furthermore, while he has the necessary size to his advantage, he needs to use more of it and not rely on his technique.

Strength at the LOS (13/15) 

At 6’6”, he is a massive defensive lineman, but he is a little light in the rear end. He has an enormous frame and height. He might need to add a few more pounds and get closer to 290 pounds. If Hall can get more mass and weight to his frame, he can be a furious player to fear on the interior. However, after having enough strength in college to fend off his blockers, it isn’t going to be enough in the NFL.

Pass Rush Ability (11/15) 

Although Hall has excellent pass rush ability, he can stand to become a better player. If he adds more weight, he can win with a comprehensive combination of skills. However, he does show that his hand counters are great, and it is something teams value highly. At the same time, Hall will need time to balance out how to win with power and finesse. Furthermore, Hall already has a bright future if he continues to work hard.

Consistency (12.5/15) 

Hall shows he has a lot of fight in him. As he is a very urgent football player, the tape is clear that he battles until he hears a whistle. However, sometimes he can go over the top and fight even after the whistle. While some teams look at this in a good way, others won’t, and that makes predicting his draft sport a little more complicated. With Hall always getting off the ball with violent intentions, he consistently shows it every play.

Push (7/10) 

Hall has heavy hands, and it is a practical ability that he has to his advantage. While he has a strong punch that knocks defenders off-balance, his trick is to land the punch first consistently. One of Hall’s weaknesses is that he has a loser hand release time than others, and he needs to work on it. However, once he does land his punch, it is tough to get him to release that punch.

Length Usage (7/10) 

Although Hall can play inside and outside depending on the run scheme, it’s all about who drafts him. However, Hall has to become better at using his length to his advantage, starting with a faster release. At the same time, he already has pretty good length. He needs to be better at using it. Furthermore, while he primarily served as an interior lineman at Houston, he could be moved to the outside in certain situations. Hall uses his length the best in making tackles using that incredible hand strength.

Athleticism (6.75/10) 

Hall’s athleticism is something that makes people confused. While he shows a lot of flashes of high-level athleticism, he also shows a lack of it. While he does have a lot of explosive plays throughout his college career, it’s not without a lack of them. At the same time, he does need work with his game, but he does have a rock-solid foundation to build on. Furthermore, he will need to step up and work to get stronger and faster.

Football IQ (9/10)

Hall has had a lot of growth on the mental side of the game, and it showed this past year. However, a lot of his jump in numbers can be credited to his newfound cognitive ability, and it’s a great thing. In addition, the knowledge and talent to play inside and outside on the defensive line it’s a massive credit to his football IQ. Furthermore, he still has room to grow in learning how the game works on a deep level.

Player Summary

Hall has a lot of potential as an inside and outside defender in the league. However, he will have to work to have a long and successful career. While he needs to become better at a particular aspect of his game, he already has a great foundation. At the same time, Hall needs to become more refined as a pass rusher for his game to show up truly. Furthermore, he has a lot of potential that teams can extract, which is why he is such an intriguing prospect.

Rookie Projection: Rotational Defensive Lineman

Third Year Projection: Rotational Inside/Outside Defensive Lineman

Final Grade (78.25/100): Mid Third-Round Pick

Player Comp: Jalyn Holmes

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