2022 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Chase Garbers

Chase Garbers

Chase Garbers enters the 2022 National Football Association Draft with some question marks around his name. The California product was impressive when playing in his first three years of college, but he has not progressed as some hoped. However, after impressing in the NFL Players Association Collegiate Bowl, Garbers name is receiving draft conversation again.

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Player Bio

Name: Chase Garbers
Jersey: No. 7
Position: Quarterback
School: California
Class: Redshirt Senior
Height: 6’1″
Weight: 218 lbs

Games Watched: Washington (2019), TCU (2021), UCLA (2021), NFLPA Collegiate Bowl (2022)

Major Injury History: Shoulder (2019)

Player Breakdown

Arm Talent (13/15)

Garbers has good arm talent. He took many shots down the field and had good distance on many of the throws. His deep ball has good height and lands with nice touch in his receiver’s arm. Garbers passes with good velocity across the field in the short to mid-range and can make off-balance throws because of his arm strength.

Accuracy (12.5/15)

When it comes to short and intermediate passes, Garbers is fairly accurate. He makes plenty of nice throws and does not miss by too much too often. Garbers’ accuracy on deep passes is a bit inconsistent, but when he throws a good ball it is very nice. His accuracy improved as he progressed through college a bit each year.

Decision Making (12/15)

Garbers is fairly good at making the right read. However, decision-making is a difficult trait to assess with him as he sometimes left the pocket and scrambled looking for yards before a play could develop because of his pocket breaking down. Garbers is a sound decision-maker and has a good mix of deep shots and short passes on his tape.

Progressions (8/10)

The ability to move through progressions is an important trait and Garbers flashed the ability to do so. He did a good job of moving through enough reads before deciding to scramble or make a throw. However, sometimes his pocket began collapsing before he could. The ability to check his progressions is a solid trait for Garbers.

Pocket Awareness (5/10)

Under pressure, Garbers can struggle. Once he senses the pocket breaking down he leaves and does not look down the field often leaving open routes available as he scrambles to pick up or lose a couple of yards. His mobility and ability to throw off-balance is a key part of Garbers’ game, but he should look to find an open man for a bit longer before bailing on the play.

Anticipation/Touch (9.5/10)

Garbers has excellent touch and anticipation. When accurate on a deep pass, Garbers floats the ball into his receiver’s hands where the opposing defender can not reach it. He does a good job of anticipating a defender’s movements and can look them off to free up his receiver as well. More impressively is Garbers ability to throw a fade pass. Wherever it is on the field he can loft it up over the defender’s head and give his receiver a good chance to make a play.

Out of Structure (7/10)

When Garbers has to move out of the pocket he has shown tremendous scrambling ability. However, he can also throw from multiple arm slots though not always consistent, and flashed the ability to make off-balance throws with accuracy. Garbers’ did not always look down the field when forced out of the pocket so there is less tape on these types of throws but the potential is there.

Mobility (9/10)

Mobility is no issue for Garbers and is one of his biggest strengths. Even though he is not the most athletic, Garbers can evade pressure by stepping up past defenders or leaving the pocket before it breaks down. His mobility paired with other traits is one of the biggest reasons he is receiving draft considering this year.

Mechanics (4.75/5)

Garbers generally has good mechanics. He has good flow in his throw and his upper and lower body parts work together when doing so. During the play as he progresses through reads his feet are constantly moving and ready. Garbers makes throws look simple because of his smooth mechanics.

Player Summary

Garbers is probably going to be selected in the later rounds of the draft or be an undrafted free agent pick-up, but he offers a lot of intrigues. He has a solid arm and can make throws with beautiful touch and anticipation. Garbers can move out of the pocket and make off-balance throws or scramble to pick up extra yards. His pocket awareness and consistency can use some work, but he could end up as a backup, perhaps even start later on if he develops well.

Rookie Projections: Third String

Third Year Projections: Backup

Final Grade (80.75/100): Early Third Round

Player Comp: Daniel Jones

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