2022 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Abraham Lucas

Abraham Lucas

Abraham Lucas has been a model of consistency for Washington State over his five-year career. He started redshirting in 2017 due to being underweight at his final weigh-in. Lucas came back in 2018 61 pounds heavier, and now at 320 pounds, he looked poise to take the starting job. Additionally, Lucas never looked back after securing his starting spot and proceeded to play 40 consecutive starts. He didn’t allow a single sack or pressure in his first 11 games. Furthermore, Lucas was the heartbeat of the entire offensive line and team while being a vocal leader.

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Player Bio

Name: Abraham Lucas
Jersey: No. 72
Position: Offensive Linemen
School: Washington State
Class: Redshirt Senior
Height: 6’7″
Weight: 319 lbs

Games Watched: Stanford (2021), USC (2021), Stanford (2019), USC (2018)

Major Injury History: None

Player Breakdown 

Pass Blocking (13/15)

Lucas has smooth footwork and fluidity when he is in pass protection. In addition, he has a deep understanding of patience for when to use his reach arm. Lucas is an excellent reactive athlete when it comes to the rush and won’t reach too early or late. However, the best attribute he shows in pass protection is his ability to redirect his momentum based on the defender’s move. Although Lucas is very good at pass protection, he sometimes clicks his heels together, which causes him to lose the rep. While it isn’t often, it is the main reason he loses reps.

Run Blocking (12/15)

He is already an excellent run blocker with good power at the point of attack for the giant he is. However, he is a force to reckon with primarily because of the nasty attack first mindset he plays with when run blocking. With a tenacious attitude to be a finisher instead of someone who stands off to the side, he has a few building blocks team can work with. Furthermore, with proficient enough strength at the line of scrimmage, he can become a starting tackle in the league.

Length (13/15)

Lucas has excellent length overall, measuring in with 34-inch arms. He has more than enough reach to keep defenders at bay and not get overwhelmed by others’ measurements. Lucas can get deeper into his set with the length and causes extra steps for speed rushers. Furthermore, with excellent awareness of his stature, he knows when he can use his punch to throw off edge rushers.

Footwork (7/10)

With outstanding balance and footwork that keeps him agile on the perimeter, he is a solid tackle team can target in the mid-rounds. However, he does need to work on not clicking his heels together when sliding back. Many of his lost reps have come from his heels touching and getting thrown off balance. Whichever team drafts him will have to focus on getting his sets cleaner so he can stand tall against pass rushers.

Mechanics (8.5/10)

Lucas displays above-average hand placement and mechanics. With an exceptional first punch, he will throw off a speed rusher from it. However, one of his best shows of strength is his grip. Once he grabs hold of a defender, it is extremally hard for them to disengage and chase after the ball. While Lucas needs more work on his lowers body mechanics, his upper body technique is perfect for his experience. Furthermore, while he isn’t going to be a day one starter, teams won’t have to spend a lot of time teaching him, new mechanics.

Athleticism (6.5/10)

He won’t be considered one of the most athletic linemen in this class. However, he won’t need to be ultra-athletic with his height and length. While he has a good amount of movement in his game, he is more suited for the power run scheme over the more mobile zone run system. In contrast, he does have excellent lateral mobility for his height and shows it in each contest he plays. Although, he is a more fluid and limber player than an athletic and agile player.

Versatility (5/10)

While Lucas played only right tackle during his time at Washington State, he has shown sufficient swing tackle ability from the NFL scouts. Taking reps at both left and right tackle at the Senior Bowl, he was one of the biggest risers of the event. However, with zero ability to transition to guard, the only versatility is being a swing tackle.

Anchor (6/10)

Lucas isn’t great at using his anchor. Although his height and weight should allow him to be excellent at it, he doesn’t know when or how to use it. Lucas could benefit from gaining a few more pounds and transferring some of it into more muscle. Although he is 320 pounds, he needs to bulk up for his plant foot to become effective. Furthermore, Lucas doesn’t have a great anchor because he isn’t at his physical peak.

Control (5/5)

During his time at Washington State, he held his own against some of the better edge prospects in this year’s class. While he did very well against Kayvon Thibodeaux, much of that had to do with his body control. As a prospect, he demonstrated the ability to keep his body upright and on his feet, even if he is in a battle. However, Lucas will have to gain a broader and lower base if he is a starting-caliber player in the league.

Player Summary

It can be challenging for large humans like Lucas to be high-level tackles in the league. While Lucas has a few areas of his game that need a few adjustments, he is still worthy of a day two pick. However, Lucas won’t see the field in his first year or two, but starting wouldn’t be a problem if he can develop into his ceiling. At the same time, putting on more mass and getting his footwork tuned up is something that he has to work on. Furthermore, Lucas will have to put in a lot of work during his first year to reach his potential.

 Rookie Projection: Backup Right Tackle

Third Year Projection: Startable Swing Tackle

Final Grade (76/100): Fourth-Round Pick

Player Comp: Dennis Kelly

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