2021 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Victor Dimukeje

2021 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Victor Dimukeje

Victor Dimukeje is an exciting playmaker on the defensive line. He has progressively been better every year and continues to dominate as one of the best defensive ends in the ACC. Duke has wrapped up their season, meaning that Dimukeje has completed his last regular season as a Blue Devil. He finishes with over 2,000 career snaps, starting every game that he was active for in his four years on the team.


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Player Bio:

Name: Victor Dimukeje

Jersey: #51


Position: EDGE Rusher

School: Duke

Class: Senior

Height: 6’2”


Weight: 265 LBs

Lateral Mobility (8/10)

Dimukeje is not the fastest EDGE rusher in the class, but he’s not a liability. He has the ability to move fluidly without running out of gas. He uses this speed to his advantage against opposing offensive tackles.

Bend (9.5/10)

This is where he wins. He uses that speed and athleticism to run right around the tackle and get to the quarterback. Obviously, it isn’t always successful, but this ability has just gotten better and better as his career has gone on. It’s hard for the bigger, more powerful offensive tackles to stick with him when he rushes outside.

Versatility (8/10)

Dimukeje shows flashes of being able to do it all, but he has not totally exhibited these abilities yet. His inside-rushing ability needs a lot of work, and a lot like Georgia EDGE Azeez Ojulari, he needs a better plan of attack, something I’ll get into more next.

Point of Attack (7/10)

He has more of a plan than Ojulari, but he struggles on his first move at times. If he rushes inside, he gets locked onto blockers and it is difficult for him to detach. When he attacks the outside, he has a much higher success rate, but he cannot become a one-trick pony. He has to develop that ability to win inside.

Strength (7.5/10)

It seems unfair to tank his strength grade here because I know that Vic is a strong player, but he just does not always exhibit his strength, at least not on full display. He has the skillset to be a complete pass-rusher, but at times, he fails to demonstrate that initial strength on his first move. He lets opposing offensive linemen overpower him at times, and at that point, he is virtually removed from the play.

Block Shedding (6.5/10)

Dimukeje gets locked on to blocks and struggles to get away from the strong grip of the linemen. On tape, I saw him fall down a couple of times because he was simply overpowered by their blocking, while other times he just remained latched on and released too late to have any impact on the play.

Football IQ (9/10)

He is stellar at reading the run-pass option/read-option plays. He holds his own against opposing tight ends and keeps his eyes on the prize: the quarterback.

Tackling (9/10)

Rarely does Dimukeje miss a tackle. His form is impressive and he gets the job done. There’s not much else to say.

Competitive Toughness (10/10)

He has a non-stop motor. He never gives up on the play, even when he’s taken out of it by the opposing linemen. His ability to pursue the quarterback is what stood out the most for me when watching his tape.

Hand Placement (7/10)

As the play progresses, Dimukeje’s hands start to pivot towards the shoulder pads of the linemen. He gets attached to them and fails to detach at times because of his unsuccessful placement. This is something that is easily teachable and easily fixable.

Player Summary

Victor Dimukeje profiles as a rotation 5-tech defensive end. He probably will not gain a starting role right away, but with his high motor and work ethic, he could find himself in a starting rotation sooner rather than later. I have no doubt in this kid’s ability. I was hard on him throughout this report because I know the loads of untapped potential that he possesses. He needs to work on that first-move as well as his ability to detach from blocks in order to become a more complete player. His single-arm rip on the inside initial move shows his ability to win outside, he just has to do it more often. All in all, I am very impressed with his versatility, his bend, and his work ethic. He will make for a fantastic teammate and locker room presence wherever he ends up.

Final Grade (80.5/100): Early-Third Round

Pro Comparison: Brandon Graham

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