2021 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Tamorrion Terry


Tamorrion Terry has highlight-reel plays where he shows elite ability; however, he has to develop his catching ability to become a viable, well rounded-starter. Terry had knee surgery before the 2020 season, which looks like it made a difference in the first half of his 2020 season. He only played five games, where half of his total yardage came against Notre Dame with nine catches, 146 yards, and one touchdown. 

In the 2019 season, he dominated with 60 catches, 1,188 yards, and nine touchdowns against some starting NFL cornerbacks. Of note was his Florida game against Jacksonville Jaguars cornerback, C.J. Henderson, where he had several big plays against him. Overall, Terry is currently a vertical threat that has tremendous upside to become a complete receiver. 

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Player Bio 

Name: Tamorrion Terry

Jersey: #5 


Position: Wide Receiver

School: Florida State 

Class: Junior

Height: 6’4” 


Weight: 210 lbs 

Speed (9.5/10)

They don’t build 6’4″ 210 lb athletes who are as fast as Terry. His best attribute is this speed which forces defenders to play off him and respect his deep speed. His abilities allowed for easy catches on hitches and vertical routes. Terry’s speed is threatening. With his speed, he was able to stack defenders with ease, and his frame allows him to box defenders out and then gain separation. He doesn’t slow down through contact and can maintain his top speed, which can make the difference in being a viable vertical threat in the NFL. Reports suggest he ran in the mid 4.3 forty-yard dash at around 210 lbs. 

Athleticism (9/10)

This is a monster athletically, and he has shown vertical jumping ability. His body control regarding his torso and arms movement while moving full speed is notable, as it allows him to be in the proper position to catch the ball. His ability to catch the ball while maintaining full speed is what makes him a vertical threat. Overall, Terry is a functional athlete with elite speed and movement skills. 

Route Running/Separation (7.5/10)

Terry is 6’4” and isn’t going to win with quickness, and that is fine. He has shown craftiness and functional route-running ability on slants, go’s, and corners. The struggle is on routes such as hitches and outs as he lacks the suddenness to create separation. However, corners in the NFL will reduce the separation Terry got. It is fair to wonder if Terry can gain separation in the NFL through craftiness, speed, and his body control/ability to box defenders out. That said, any team that takes Terry should have him run overs, go’s, slants, and corners – have him run what he’s good at. 

Hands (6.75/10)

Terry shows great concentration when catching the football and on throws where he can cradle the ball or trap it. However, he’s also a body catcher who has struggled to catch miss-thrown footballs or footballs outside of his frame. This is more of a problem with experience and technique as he doesn’t allow the ball to softly hit his hands and instead forces it – which often can make the ball bounce off the hands. With coaching, Terry could develop better techniques and become a viable catcher. 

Run after Catch (7.25/10)

Terry is fast but doesn’t break tackles even against guys who are 30 lbs smaller than him. He’s strictly a possession and deep threat receiver, which is surprising for the size and speed he has. He does a good job reducing angles when beating defenders with speed but just average contact balance with the ball in his hand. 

Contested Catch (5.5/10)

Terry is 210 lbs and has the frame to be a dominant receiver, yet he doesn’t play like it. He cannot extend his arms and rip the ball away from a defender. He consistently struggled when the ball was away from his body, but again, this is a skill that can improve. As it stands, it is the skills that prevent him from being a complete and dominant receiver. 

Body Control (8.25/10)

Downfield adjustments and tracking is something Terry demonstrated glimpses of. Interestingly, his body control allows him to be in a position to catch the ball comfortably (typically not outside of his frame). During the Notre Dame game (2020), he showed off his potential, where he had several catches, which showed the ability to adapt and control his body. Two catches in the Notre Dame game showed he can make these high-end plays.  

Release (7.5/10) 

Shows great release with strength and speed off the line. Largely wins with size and craftiness in identifying the route and leverage Terry faces. I question his ability to line up against larger defensive backs in the NFL with the difference in strength. 

Awareness/IQ (3.5/5)

The ability to break off routes did not show often. Showed intelligence in identifying leverages of defenders and utilizing that to his advantage. Awareness in space is excellent and gives him an advantage while the ball is in the air. 

Fluidity/Agility (2.5/5)

He’s not the most agile athlete, but it doesn’t matter because he’s faster and bigger than most corners. Fluidity isn’t his strength, but teams aren’t going to draft him for that.

Injury/ Durability (3/5)

Terry had knee surgery before the 2020 season, which also held him out. His knee injury looked like it made a difference in the early games. Durability doesn’t seem like it’s a huge concern but something to note. 

Blocking (4/5)

Terry shows effort when runners are behind him. He can overextend his arms at the odd time. 

Player Summary

Terry is all speed and size currently; however, the upside is extremely enticing. The potential he boasts is significant, but early on in his career, he may be purely a speed/vertical threat while he develops better catching skills. He has underrated body control and route-running ability in terms of being able to box defenders out and his craftiness. Terry remains a player with elite upside who could develop into a dominant player in the NFL with the right coaching. 

Final Grade (73.5/100): Late Second Round  

Player Comp: Martavis Bryant

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