2021 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Sage Surratt

Sage Surratt

In a deep 2021 receiver class, Wake Forest pass-catcher Sage Surratt provides an enticing option for teams in need of a gritty and reliable red-zone threat. A big-bodied receiver, Surratt opted out of the 2020 season due to the COVID-19 pandemic but remains one of the more notable names in the upcoming class.

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Player Bio

Name: Sage Surratt
Jersey: #14
Position: Wide Receiver
School: Wake Forest
Class: Redshirt Sophomore
Height: 6’3″
Weight: 215 lbs.

Elusiveness (4/10)

Surratt is not an elusive receiver and is fairly predictable. He lacks twitch and lateral athleticism, forcing him to use his superior size and catch radius to beat defenders. This is acceptable, but teams would much rather he be elusive, too. Surratt cannot be relied on to make quick cuts and shake free from pesky defenders.

Size (9/10)

Surratt’s impressive size has a tremendous factor on his performance. A former basketball star in high school, Surratt checks in at 6-foot-3 but plays like he is at least 6-foot-5. He uses his height to his advantage, reaching all around defenders to steal the football on the sideline or in the end zone.

Physicality and Strength (8/10)

Surratt has shown above-average physicality and impressive strength, allowing him to never give up in one-on-one battles with talented defensive backs. Perhaps most impressive is his ability to deal with contact while running his routes, putting him in an ideal position where all he needs to do is finish the play. Once he does so, he remains strong and fluid, using his strength to survive contact and gain extra yardage.

Hands (8.5/10)

Surratt possesses impressive hands that complement his ideal size and allow him to pluck passes away from every type of defensive back. There’s nothing to dislike about how Surratt uses his hands, so this should translate nicely to the NFL.

Route-Running (8/10)

Surratt is an above-average route-runner who possess multiple ideal traits that allow him to scale the sidelines and haul in his targets. First of all, his strength and ability to deal with contact when running routes gives him a quick advantage. Second, his lack of elusiveness gives him just one: run straight and hard. More often than not, he achieves this goal and uses his strength to push past defenders, despite his lack of speed. Despite being predictable, Surratt possesses an impressive route-running trait that should boost his draft stock.

Speed and Acceleration (6/10)

What Surratt excels at in route-running, he lacks in speed and acceleration. It will be interesting to see what his 40-yard dash time is after opting out of the season, but either way, it’s clear that he isn’t a speed demon. Of course, that’s okay because he makes up for it with his height. Nevertheless, Surratt does not have the speed and acceleration to break away from defenders. He possesses enough burst off the line to be intimidating, but you won’t find him streaking by defenders en route to the end zone.

Football IQ (8/10)

Surratt possesses decent knowledge, but he rarely has a chance to truly vaunt it due to his playing style. His IQ is commendable but likely won’t impact his draft stock too much.

Ball Skills (9/10)

Surratt has incredible ball skills and is a true delight to watch when the ball is thrown his way. His tracking, awareness, and ability to adjust are already top-notch and should have a very positive impact on his draft stock.

Contested Catch (10/10)

Surratt is exactly the player you want making contested catches. His ability to reach over, around, or beyond defenders makes him an instant favorite in the red zone and a reliable target on the field. This trait helps counter Surratt’s lack of elusiveness, allowing him to win battles with defenders instead of shaking them free.

Blocking (3.5/5)

Something special about Surratt is that he has already developed into a strong player and does not have too many areas where needs to improve. Blocking, however, is one of those areas. The Wake Forrest receiver has the potential to be a destructive force in the blocking department but has so far had just a moderate impact. Surratt needs to work on sustaining blocks for a longer period of time, which would theoretically be a fairly easy task to accomplish due to his size.

Production (4.5/5)

Surratt has proven that he can produce at a collegiate level. In 19 games, he caught 107 passes for 1,582 yards and 15 touchdowns. He saw the bulk of his workload come in his sophomore year when he caught 66 passes for over 1,000 yards and nine scores.

Player Summary

Surratt has the potential to be a physical threat who manhandles his way into big catches. One concern, however, is that he has drawn various comparisons to players like J.J. Arcega-Whiteside and Hakeem Butler. The former has been a major bust while the latter has bounced around and has since converted into a tight end. There’s strong reason to believe that Surratt will have a much better career than those two are having, but in a deep receiver class, the Wake Forest product likely won’t hear his name called until the second day.

Final Grade (78.5/100): Early third-round pick

Player Comp: J.J. Arcega-Whiteside

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