2021 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Kellen Mond

Kellen Mond

Kellen Mond has steadily improved every year at the college level and has been rising up draft boards recently. Chris Simms, a former-NFL quarterback, ranked Mond over two projected first-round picks, Justin Fields and Trey Lance in his latest quarterback rankings. Let’s take a look at Mond’s skillset.

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Player Bio

Name: Kellen Mond

Jersey: #11

Position: Quarterback


School: Texas A&M

Class: Senior

Height: 6’3”

Weight: 217 lbs

Accuracy (7/10)

Mond is a very streaky player and can often overthrow his receivers. He will place many of his passes perfectly, but will also miss wide-open receivers at times. Mond’s accuracy improved each year he played in college. In his freshman season, his completion percentage was a mere 51.5 percent, but that mark has improved each year, and his senior season completion percentage was 63.3 percent.

Arm Strength (9.5/10)

He has an incredible arm. Mond is able to sling the ball down the field whether it is on the run or in the pocket. He will overthrow his receivers sometimes due to his strong arm and will need to learn how to control his passes, but arm strength will not be a problem for him at the NFL level.

Decision-Making (6/10)

Mond’s decision-making can be great at times, but he can also struggle to make the right read at other times. He is a streaky player so his decision-making issues stem from his lack of consistency. Mond will have to become a more consistent player in order to become a starter at the next level.

Progressions (6/10)

At times, Mond will excellently go through his reads and find the open player, but he will also not progress past his first read in order to find the open player. His inability to consistently go through his progressions will also need to be fixed in order to become a starter in the NFL.

Mobility (9.5/10)

Mond is a great athlete. He is able to use his mobility to pick up extra yards and is also able to make throws on the run due to his strong arm. Mond should use his mobility more to evade pressure as he can collapse under pressure, but he is an incredible athlete.

Against Pressure (4/10)

He struggles against pressure. Mond is rarely able to make the correct throw when the pocket breaks down and most of his mistakes come against pressure. He will need to improve his decision-making under pressure in order to succeed going forward.

Mechanics (6/10)

Mond’s throwing mechanics are one of the biggest areas holding his game back. He needs to relax his arm and improve his upper body mechanics. Mond’s footwork can be inconsistent as well. If he is able to improve his mechanics, it would allow for him to become a more accurate passer and therefore more consistent.

Pocket Awareness (7/10)

He has good awareness for a quarterback, but his awareness is not elite. When under pressure, Mond often panics and is unable to make the right read, but he is usually aware of the pressure.

Anticipation (8/10)

Mond is able to anticipate what the defense is going to do well. He rarely makes mistakes due to bad anticipation and almost never turns the ball over.

Competitive Toughness (5/5)

He possesses incredible competitive toughness. Mond is not afraid of taking hits and will often attempt to break a couple of tackles in order to pick up a few extra yards. Furthermore, he plays through injuries and is willing to put his body on the line for team success.

Injury (5/5)

Mond battled through every injury he faced. In a game against Alabama in 2019, he took a few brutal hits and was seen limping to the huddle, but Mond persevered, and although Texas A&M lost, he played through the injury showing his competitive toughness.

Player Summary

Mond is a competitive and tough player who possesses the arm strength and mobility to succeed at the NFL level. He will need to improve his consistency by working on his mechanics in order to become a starter in the NFL. Mond will likely sit some time to start off his NFL career, but if coached correctly, Mond can be a long-term starter and a great quarterback.

Final Grade (73/100):  Mid-Early Third Round

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