2021 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Jayson Oweh


Jayson Oweh is a raw pass-rushing prospect with plenty of untapped potential. Oweh has shown off a lot of talent over his Penn State career. He has the profile to develop into an elite edge rusher after being one of the most impactful players on the Penn State defense. Oweh has now thrust into having first-round potential. 

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Player Bio:

Name: Jayson Oweh

Jersey: #28

Position: EDGE Rusher


School: Penn State

Class: Redshirt Sophomore

Height: 6’5” 

Weight: 257 lbs 

Frame (8.5/10) 

At 6’5”, 257 lbs, Oweh still has plenty of room to fill out. He has a very lean and raw build, which hurts him hold his ground to get downhill. But once he develops more onto his frame, he will be a relentless rusher. He does benefit from his long arms and should impress at the combine. Right now, he would have the ability to play outside linebacker for a team looking to take advantage of his raw skills now before he develops further.

Athleticism (10/10) 

Oweh has a tremendous first step off the edge. He uses his length and explosiveness to wreak havoc on opposing offensive linemen. He doesn’t always get to the quarterback – no sacks in 2020 – but he has them on edge with his constant ability to apply pressure.

Strength (7.5/10) 

As previously stated, Oweh has plenty of room to fill out. He tends to get pushed back at times and doesn’t always use his full length to counterattack. He relies heavily on his speed and doesn’t seem to have much of an attack plan outside. Oweh will need to refine his technique as he fills out.

Bend (9.5/10) 

Oweh has tremendous bend, which comes naturally, as he rushes the passer off the edge. His fantastic length allows him to get around less-athletic offensive tackles with ease. He used his bend to dip inside and crash the pocket. If he can learn how to always use his full length, he will be a force to be reckoned with in the NFL.

Point of Attack (7.5/10) 

Oweh is still learning to refine his technique and getting a better push at the line of scrimmage. He does a solid job of holding the point of attack but can sometimes be caught giving leverage off the snap. What he lacks in technique, he can usually make up with first-step quickness and speed off the edge. But that won’t be enough to succeed in the NFL.

Hand Placement (7/10)

He isn’t always consistent with his hands, as he can sometimes get pushed back after his initial attempt. He will need to learn how to stay firm and stack pass rush moves. Oweh does show speed with his hands, but he needs more power, as tackles can easily negate him at times.

Block Shedding (7.5/10) 

Something that can be fixed with his hand placement and technique, Oweh sometimes has trouble shedding blocks after his initial move. He mostly uses his speed to stave off blockers as he is extremely flashy and explosive going around the edge. His speed helps him get an initial step on blockers, but if the blocker can recover he will have trouble.

Tackling (8.5/10) 

While he didn’t record a single sack in 2020, Oweh was consistently getting into the backfield and causing problems. He had 38 total tackles – 7.5 for loss – over just seven games in 2020. In his entire college career, which was only 20 games, he had 63 total tackles, 13.5 of which were for a loss. His long and rangy arms help him wrap up runners and get shoestring tackles.

Versatility (9.5/10) 

The redshirt sophomore can play both inside and outside on the defensive line which will be a huge plus for NFL teams when looking at him. He can quickly move laterally along the line of scrimmage to help in the run game and was seen in the backfield on almost every play.

Run Stopping (9.5/10) 

Like I stated earlier, Oweh has a keen ability to get into the backfield and be a game wrecker against opposing teams. He moves laterally very well and uses his flexibility to crash the box.

Player Summary 

Oweh is a very raw prospect with plenty of room to grow and potential to tap into. Once his technique and strength can catch up to his elite speed, explosiveness, and length, he will be a strong edge rusher in the NFL. He will likely need a year to sit to develop and fill out before he is a starter. Teams like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Buffalo Bills, Tennesse Titans, and New York Jets could be looking at him in the first round.

Final Grade (85/100): Late First-Round Pick

Player Comp: Jadeveon Clowney

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