2021 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Dillon Radunz

While most of the NFL world is all about Trey Lance, there is another prospect coming out from North Dakota State that is getting first round buzz. That is Lance’s blindside protector, Dillon Radunz. In a stacked tackle class, does Radunz compare to the other tackles from the FBS? 

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Player Bio

Name: Dillon Radunz

Jersey: #75

Position: Offensive Tackle  

School: North Dakota State 

Class: Redshirt Senior

Height: 6’5”

Weight: 304 lbs

Pass Blocking (8.25/10) 

Radunz is very fluid in his pass blocking. He has quick feet that allow him to get into his pass sets quickly and not give much ground to the pass-rusher opposite him. There are a few occasions where his feet get tangled, and he stumbles, and the defender gets a bit of an edge, but Radunz is right back on him thanks to his above-average athleticism. He can get pushed around by some more physical pass-rushers, but that happens seldom. Even against top-tier talent at the Senior Bowl, Radunz was up to the test and had possibly the best week of any tackle in Mobile. 

Run Blocking (9/10) 

Radunz will lay people flat on their back in an instant. He is very powerful and has a lot of lower body strength. Radunz can plow through the first level and seal off the linebacker at the second-level and pave a massive lane for his running back or Lance whenever Lance decided to run. Some reps were laughable as he laid out the defensive lineman he plowed over. 

Athleticism (9/10) 

He will quickly move up to the second level. Radunz was used as the lead-blocker in some screen calls at North Dakota State and was step-by-step with the running back for a portion of the play. In pass sets, he can counter against athletic rushers who try to use their bend to get around his hip. The Senior Bowl showed how good he can be in the NFL. 

Footwork (8.25/10) 

His feet are generally always chopping away. There are a few cases where they seem stoned into the ground, and he gives up a bit of ground to the rusher. Radunz has good body control, and he is never on the ground while in his pass sets. 

Strength (8.5/10) 

His lower body strength is great. His upper body strength could potentially use some work. Radunz struggled a bit against more powerful rushers who had no choice but to try bull-rushing against Radunz. Fortunately, this can easily be worked out as he fills out his frame. Radunz is almost unstoppable in the run game. 

Hands (7.75/10) 

Radunz has a good snatch back off the line of scrimmage on pass sets. He immediately gets his hands on the defender, but the issue lies on where he places them. Most of the time, they are inside the shoulder pads. Unfortunately, there were a few times where his hands grabbed the outside shoulder. The refs could’ve thrown a flag on the play as a result. It isn’t too bad and doesn’t happen often, but it is something to watch. 

Versatility (8.75/10) 

Radunz only played at left tackle during his time at North Dakota State after originally committing as a defensive end. If needed, he could play right tackle in the NFL for a team that has a need there. Though he never played it for the Bison, Radunz could also play some guard at the next level and even took some reps on the interior during Senior Bowl practices. 

Length (9.5/10) 

At 6’5″, Radunz has great length to succeed at the next level. He uses his length to help him on the edge against more athletic pass-rushers, and he mauls people in the run game when he comes crashing down on the interior of the defensive line from his tackle spot. 

Football IQ (8.75/10) 

In all of the games watched, Radunz wasn’t called for a penalty. He seemed to know what the rushers were doing before the ball was snapped. While this may be an indication of the level of play, it isn’t worrisome. At the Senior Bowl, Radunz showed he could go against some of the top competition in the country. 

Competitive Toughness (5/5) 

Radunz is a nasty finisher. He will drive people into the turf in the run game. Radunz will make sure that the defender can’t make a play. 

Injury (4.5/5) 

Radunz tore his ACL in 2018. He fully recovered for the next season, but it is something to note. 

Player Summary 

Don’t be surprised when there are two names from North Dakota State called on Thursday, April 29. Radunz is in the conversation as a top-five tackle in the class, along with Jalen Mayfield, Samuel Cosmi, Alex Leatherwood, and many others. He can play in any scheme, but if he gets in a power or zone-run scheme, watch out. Radunz will plow through defenders and run them into the ground. Whoever gets him in the back-end of the first round or early second round will have a tackle they can rely on for years to come. 

Final Grade (87.25/100): Late First Round 

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