2021 NBA Draft Scouting Report: Evan Mobley

Mobley NBA Draft

Evan Mobley is considered to be a top-three prospect in the 2021 NBA Draft by many. The 7’0” big man succeeded with the USC Trojans and won the Pac-12 Player of the Year Award in his one-and-done season. Let’s take a look at the skill set of the versatile center.

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Player Bio

Name: Evan Mobley

Position: Center

School: University of Southern California


Age: 20

Height: 7’0”

Weight: 201 lbs

Prototype: Versatile Two-Way Big Man

Defense (27.5/30)

Mobley is a skillful defender. He has terrific length, IQ, and athleticism. Mobley does a great job of using his length to block shots; he blocked 2.9 shots per game at USC. Mobley is also a versatile defender. He is able to move well for a player of size and can defend the perimeter. He can get caught on screens and lacks strength, but Mobley is one of the better defenders in the class.

Finishing/Post Scoring (7/15)

Mobley struggled as a post scorer. He was unable to establish himself deep in the post due to his lack of strength and was unable to create offense due to it. He also struggled at finishing through contact. Early in his career, he will be a very poor scorer in that respect, but if he can develop his strength, he has upside in this area.

Rebounding (14.5/15)

Mobley is a terrific rebounder. He is good at reading where the rebound will end up and converting for second-chance points. The Rancho Christian alum averaged 8.7 rebounds per game with the Trojans. His lack of strength could hurt him early on as a rebounder, but he projects to be a good rebounder at the next level.

Pick and Roll or Pop (10/10)

Mobley is an elite center when it comes to pick-and-roll screening and scoring. He is a good screener and due to his versatility, he can take advantage of defenses through the pick and roll or pop.

Athleticism (9.75/10)

Mobley is athletic for a center. He uses his athleticism and fluidity well on defense where he can guard anywhere on the floor.

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Frame/Size (4/5)

Mobley has a great frame. He is tall and has a long wingspan, but again, lacks strength. If Mobley can improve that, he has the ideal frame for an NBA big man.

Perimeter Shooting (4/5)

As a shooter, Mobley is solid. He shot the three-ball 30.0% which is not bad for his position. The offensive versatility due to his ability as a shooter is one of the reasons he is highly regarded among scouts.

Mid-Range Shooting (4.5/5)

Mobley is fantastic from the mid-range. Although he is often unable to get positioning deep into the paint, he uses the mid-range fadeaway well to score.

Injury (4.75/5)

Mobley played in 33 of USC’s 34 games during the season.

Bonus: Potential (+4.75/5)

Mobley is filled with potential. He is great on defense and has tremendous versatility on offense. One of his biggest concerns his post-scoring ability may limit him a bit early, but his potential is through the roof if he can improve his strength.

Player Summary

Mobley is a versatile big man that will intrigue teams picking in the top three. If he does not improve the strength, it is unlikely he will live up to the hype surrounding him. If he does, his ceiling is very high.

Final Grade (86.25/100): Top-Seven Pick

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