2021 NBA Draft Scouting Report: Charles Bassey

Western Kentucky big man Charles Bassey enters the 2021 NBA Draft following three seasons for the Hilltoppers. Bassey started all 72 games he appeared in and averaged a double-double with 15.9 points and 10.5 rebounds per contest.

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Player Bio

Name: Charles Bassey

Position: Center

School: Western Kentucky

Age: 20

Height: 6’10”

Weight: 230 lbs

Prototype: Defensive Big

Rebounding (18/20)

Bassey is a man on the glass despite being just 20 years old. He uses his long arms and well-built frame to box out and corral rebounds on both ends of the floor. His feel on the defensive glass is very strong and his body projects well as an offensive rebounder. Overall, his rebounding is the one thing that is a lock to translate to the NBA very successfully. Bassey averaged 11.6 rebounds per game in his Junior season at Western Kentucky.

Shooting (6.5/20)

Bassey is not the shooter teams want from their big men in today’s NBA. In fact, his shooting ability barely stretches past the paint at a consistent level. He did shoot 2.1 three-point shots per game last season but converted on just 30.5 percent of those shots. Almost all of his offense comes from others creating looks for him at the rim. What is somewhat promising is his 76.8 percent success rate from the free-throw line. It is well known that success at the line has a somewhat high chance to translate to a jump shot over the years.

Finishing (8.5/15)

Bassey shows solid finishing ability at the rim. His length gives him the ability to finish through contact on a fairly consistent basis. There is still work to be done here, specifically in improving his touch as he moves further away from the basket. NBA centers are going to be a different beast than what Bassey is used to but the raw talent is there if he can maximize it.

Post Offense (5/15)

There is work to be done in terms of Bassey’s ability in the post. He doesn’t currently have any post moves that he can pull out at the NBA level. In college, he was able to overwhelm most opponents for the occasional post basket. It isn’t going to translate to the NBA level without much work done to his game.

Post Defense (6.5/15)

Bassey is stronger here than he is on the offensive side but there is work to be done without a doubt. His incredible wingspan helps him get to shots or at the very least contest shots out of the post but will need to improve his discipline and IQ in this area of the floor.

Passing (3.5/10)

Little to be excited about in terms of his passing ability. Averaged 0.8 assists per game in college with only one season seeing him finish above one assist per game.

Injury (3/5)

Bassey does not have a perfect track record when it comes to injury. He suffered a serious injury in college but has bounced back from it and looked ready to move on from that in a positive way. It should not be an issue moving forward but the fact that it is there makes one wonder. It should not play a role in where he is drafted on NBA Draft night.

Player Summary

Bassey has some of the tools that NBA teams will forever covet. He has an opportunity to make an impact on the defensive end fairly quickly in the NBA and at the very least will be an excellent rebounder for years to come. If his offensive game can take positive steps forward he can be an NBA starter in a couple of years.

Final Grade (51/100): Mid 2nd Round Draft Pick

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