2020 NFL Draft Prospect Interview: Georgetown University DL Khristian Tate

Khristian Tate is a defensive lineman at Georgetown University. The 6-foot, 295-pound senior appeared in 32 games over his first three years in college, racking up 145 tackles, including 16 sacks. He has also intercepted a pass, forced two fumbles, and recovered three. So far this season, in three games, Tate has made 12 tackles.

Tate spoke with Fan Source Network regarding his final collegiate season and the road that soon awaits him in the NFL.

Fan Source Network: What is your top goal for the 2019 season?

Khristian Tate: I want to have the best season of my life. I want to be leading in sacks and quarterback hits. I want to be top three in tackles for loss. I also want to get my team to the playoffs by playing great.

FS: What passion or hobby do you have that people don’t know about you?

KT: I like to listen to music and analyze the lyrics. Really listening to what an artist is saying adds to the purpose and meaning of songs and makes me enjoy them more.

FS: Looking back at your senior year of high school and freshman year of college, what would you change about how you played, prepared, or acted?

KT: I would change my attitude because going from high school to college, I felt kind of defeated. My position changed, I wasn’t doing well in school, I felt like I wasn’t getting anywhere. If I had realized the opportunity I had back then, I would’ve changed my attitude and probably been a better player overall.

FS: Is there a specific professional athlete you model your playing style after or look up to, and why?

KT: I look up to and try to imitate Aaron Donald. We are about the same size and although I’m not as good of an athlete as him, I know if I could do close to what he is doing, I could be one of the top defensive players in the country.

FS: Who is your go-to team and player on Madden?

KT: I’m a Falcons fan, so I’d say they’re the team I use the most on Madden. I use Julio Jones a lot on offense because he’s just an absolute beast. On defense, I use Vic Beasley to stop the run and put pressure on the quarterback

FS: What would your top trait be on Madden? (What is your best skill?)

KT: I think my strength would be my top trait. It’d be at least a 90.

FS: Who is one person you want to meet?

KT: I want to meet Aaron Donald so I can learn from him. I want to know what he does to stay ahead in the game and be a force.

FS: Who is one NFL player you’d love to line up against?

KT: I would’ve liked to line up against Joe Thomas before he retired; now Zack Martin is someone I want to line up against. I think that’d be the ultimate test of my skills as a defensive lineman.

FS: What do your pregame habits consist of? Do you have any superstitions?

KT: In my pregame, the playlist I listen to is probably the most important piece. It gets me jacked up and focused for the game. I’ll start with Five Finger Death Punch and usually end with God’s Country by Blake Shelton.

FS: Why should an NFL team draft you?

KT: An NFL team should draft me because I have the skillset to be a top pass rusher in the league. I have the strength, speed, and technique to compete with and beat anybody. Also, I am a diverse defensive lineman. I can and have played from a zero technique out to a six technique and I feel like a lot of guys can’t do that. In the trenches, I do whatever it takes to win.

FS: In one sentence, tell me what people will say about you when your NFL career concludes.

KT: That dude is a beast.

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