Zack Baun: 2020 NFL Draft Scouting Report

Mason Thompson | April 15th, 2020

Zack Baun, LB, Wisconsin, #56

Height: 6’2″

Weight: 238 lbs

Eligibility: Redshirt Senior

Games Watched: Nebraska (2018), Penn State (2018), USF (2019), Michigan State (2019), Illinois (2019)

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Tackling  9/10 Really solid here. Misses some tackles but when he connects, he shoots through the tackler and wraps up. 
Football IQ 10/10 Always seems to know where the ball is going before it’s snapped. He makes up for limited strength and power by using his intelligence. 
Block Shedding  8/10 Uses technique more than strength to shed blocks. Hand usage to push linemen off and uses his quickness to attack. 
Mental Processing  9/10 Really improved in 2019. In 2018 he was hesitant to attack and in 2019, had a point-and-shoot mentality, even if it was wrong. Good at reading the offense and quarterback and has baited the quarterback into bad throws. 
Rush Ability  8.5/10 Wisconsin primarily used him as an edge rusher. Good bend and uses a variety of moves such as an inside spin move and rip-and-dip. 
Short Area Quickness 10/10 Great first step. Immediately has an advantage over the lineman. Very technical and uses explosiveness to his advantage. 
Cover Ability  8.5/10 Wisconsin used Baun similar to Andrew Van Ginkel. Edge rushers with great cover ability. Good in both man and zone coverage but will get overpowered in one-on-ones in the wrong situation. 
Strength 6.5/10 Good lower-body strength, but his upper body strength needs work. Will get thrown to the sides sometimes by powerful linemen. 
Change of Direction 7.5/10 Sometimes looks stiff but can also surprise you. Flows fairly and follows the carrier and attacks. 
Motor  5/5 Motor is always running. Always looking for the ball and attacking the ball carrier. 
Injury 3/5 Back-to-back broken left foot in 2017 and 2018. 
Overall  85/100 I graded Baun as a linebacker while most have graded him as an edge rusher. He is best fit in a 3-4 system as an outside linebacker for a team that is willing to work around his strengths. Baltimore or New England seems like an ideal fit and are within striking range.  Round Grade: Late 1st-Round, Round Projection: Late-1st-Early 2nd Round **NOTE** – Baun had a diluted sample at the combine, most likely from drinking too much water. This isn’t a big deal and shouldn’t impact his stock. Player Comp: Jamie Collins

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