Yetur Gross-Matos: 2020 NFL Draft Scouting Report


Alex Kielar | November 28th, 2019

Yetur Gross-Matos, EDGE, Penn State, #99

Height: 6’5″

Weight: 264 lbs

Class: Junior

Yetur Gross-Matos is a stud edge rusher who has made even more strides from his dominant sophomore season (ninth-ranked 20 tackles for loss) to pretty much guarantee himself as a day one selection. Gross-Matos has been through two terrible tragedies in his life but has shown great courage and resiliency. When he was just two years old, his father drowned in a boating accident and then under nine years later his older brother was killed by a lightning strike on a baseball field. He will continue to play for his father and brother while leaving it all out on the field. Gross-Matos has all the traits to be a leader and an unstoppable force in the NFL. Now let’s get to the grades.

I will be grading on a 100-point scale using 10 different criteria. The criteria for EDGE rushers include: Frame, Speed, Strength, Bend, POA, Pursuit, Hands, Pass Rush, Run Stopping, Block Shedding.


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Frame9.5/10 At 6’5”, 265 pounds, Gross-Matos has an excellent frame for a rusher that he uses to get leverage off the edge.
Speed/Athleticism7.5/10 Gross-Matos is not blazingly fast, but he does have solid closing speed and quickness that he uses to give tackles fits at the line and get to the quarterback.
Strength9/10 Gross-Matos is seen getting pushed back on occasion and can get into trouble when he stands up straight, but overall he is very naturally strong.
Bend 8.5/10 Gross-Matos has very impressive bend and a lot of the time he makes an impact on every single play. He seemingly knocks blockers off-balance with ease.
Point Of Attack9/10 Gross-Matos is involved with pretty much every play and makes a lot of impact plays in the backfield. Even if he can’t get to the quarterback, his presence is certainly felt to put pressure on them.
Pursuit 9/10 He is relentless in getting into the backfield and dropping the quarterback for a sack or making a tackle for a loss. He gets to the ball very quickly and is involved in several tackles.
Hand Placement8.5/10 Gross-Matos has very active hands and does a great job of using both his hands and feet at the same time. He always keeps his hands in a good position to burst through a blocker.
Pass-Rush9.5/10 The junior defensive end is extremely dangerous in rushing the passer, using his natural strength to push blockers off-balance and burst by them and then showing his quickness to close in on the quarterback and rattle him.
Run-Stopping9.5/10 While a lot of college EDGE rushers don’t show the desire to be involved with tackles and are more consumed with getting to the quarterback, Gross-Matos is just as good at run-stopping. He consistently fights off blocks and gets into the backfield do drop runners for losses. He 13.5 tackles for loss this season after 20 such tackles last year.
Block-Shedding9/10 As stated above, Gross-Matos sheds off blocks seemingly with ease and fire into the backfield.
Overall89/100 I am very high on Gross-Matos and love his leadership. He will give any NFL team a great EDGE rusher who has also shown great resiliency in tough situations. He shows relentless pursuit of the football and can burst through blockers, while also having the ability to tackle from behind. He always puts in 100% effort on every play.

Round Grade: Mid first round


Projected Draft Position: Early first (Top 10-15)

Pro Comparison: Joey Bosa


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