Week 17 Power Rankings

Daniel Corrigan | July 22nd, 2019

We have a new number one in the power rankings. It is a familiar face and should come as no surprise. With the trade deadline approaching, there is going to be some serious movement in the rankings as we approach the playoffs.

1. New York Yankees (64-34)

2019 New York Yankees Logo

Not to take anything away from the Dodgers, but the Yankees are red hot. They just crushed Tampa Bay out of the wild card and beat up on the Rockies. The question still remains, will they go out and add another pitching arm?

2. Los Angeles Dodgers (67-35)

Los Angeles Dodgers Franchise Logo

It’s almost a 1A and 1B scenario with the Dodgers and Yankees. But since the Yankees are the hotter team, they get the nod at number one.

3. Houston Astros (64-37)

2019 Houston Astros Logo

A nice five-game win streak has saved this team from the Oakland A’s from catching up in the standings. I would like to watch the Astros add a bullpen arm, but they are, and will be for a long time, a very dangerous team.

4. Atlanta Braves (60-41)

2019 Atlanta Braves Logo

The young Braves are one of the most exciting teams to watch. A big series against the surprise Washington Nationals has really proved that they could be the team that makes the most noise down the stretch.

5. Minnesota Twins (60-38)

2019 Minnesota Twins Logo

I would be very afraid if I were the Twins. After taking 2/3 over the Indians, their lead has fallen to three. They are very lucky that it is not one. Oakland came to town and took care of business. And the Yankees are coming next.

6. Cleveland Indians (57-41)

2019 Cleveland Indians Logo

Yes, they are playing bad teams, but to be able to take a 13 game lead by the Twins and bring it down to two, they are no longer “hot” they are good.

7. Oakland Athletics (57-43)

2019 Oakland Athletics Logo

The A’s have been constantly good for years. This year, they are toeing the line on being great. Watch out for the A’s down the stretch.

8. Tampa Bay Rays (57-45)

2019 Tampa Bay Rays Logo

I’m officially on the trade Blake Snell bandwagon. He still has some value and you can get a player to help you today, and help you later (prospect) If that means punting on the season, so be it.

9Chicago Cubs (54-45)

2019 Chicago Cubs Logo

They are starting their separation from the other team in the NL central. As a fan of the game and as a good human, I think its time to separate from Addison Russell.

10. Washington Nationals (52-46)

2019 Washington Nationals Logo

Alex Rodriguez said it during their game Sunday, and I agree. In a one-game wildcard, the Nationals could be the most dangerous team. Why? One reason. Max Scherzer.

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