Trevon Diggs: 2020 NFL Draft Scouting Report

Givanni Damico | November 22nd, 2019 

Trevon Diggs, CB, Alabama #7

Height: 6’2” 

Weight: 220 lbs

Year: Senior

Games I’ve watched: at South Carolina (2019), vs. LSU (2019), vs. Texas A&M (2018), at Ole Miss (2018)

Diggs is a former wide receiver who hones in on some of those abilities at the cornerback position. He’s a very lengthy, yet very fast corner who is still learning the ins and outs of the position. His versatility is going to be cherished by any NFL coach.

My grading is based on 10 categories, each weighted by 10 points. For cornerbacks, these criteria include frame, speed, man/press coverage, zone coverage, tackling ability, balls skills, fluidity, versatility, awareness, and run support.

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Fluidity8.5/10 Diggs’ hips are very fluid largely due to his past as a wide receiver. This allows him to adjust his body in the air to make big plays on the ball.
Frame9.5/10 There will rarely be a size mismatch once Diggs makes it to the NFL. His rare combination of size and speed allow him to cover bigger receivers like Mike Evans and smaller, speedier receivers like Tyler Lockett. 
Speed 8.5/10 Diggs’ speed isn’t elite, but he very fast for his size. He can keep up with everybody he covers and rarely gets beat in man coverage.
Ball Skills9/10 As a former wide receiver, some of Diggs’ skills have translated over to the cornerback position. He is a very lengthy player who uses his long arms to break up passes and make big plays on the ball. This is something that cannot be said for many others in this class. 
Tackling Ability7.5/10 Diggs is by no means a great tackler. He has definitely had his moments where he will come up with a big tackle, but his technique is raw. Missed tackles are something that will cost you at the next level, so he could use some improvement here.
Man/Press Coverage9/10 Diggs is able to blanket almost every receiver he covers, as I said earlier. He gets beat off the line of scrimmage in press coverage at times, but he is usually able to recover. In man coverage, don’t even bother throwing his way. 
Zone Coverage8/10 While his zone coverage ability isn’t quite as impressive as his man coverage, Diggs is still more than capable in zone. He is very fluid and it looks like he will thrive in any system that he is put in. This is an extremely valuable asset for any NFL team.
Awareness8/10 Diggs is an intelligent player, but he looks lazy on some plays. He tends to give up on plays a tad bit too early, although these plays are normally running plays that do not always affect him. When the ball is thrown his way, Diggs is hard to beat.
Versatility9.5/10 As I said earlier, Diggs can thrive in both zone and man coverage. His speed and size combination also allows him to be a more versatile corner than those with just one of these traits.
Run Support7/10 This is where Diggs needs the most work. He looks lazy on some running plays, giving up too early and making no effort to make an impact. 
Overall Grade

84.5 Diggs can do it all at the cornerback position. He’s large, lengthy, fast, and fluid. NFL owners couldn’t ask for much more from a prospect. I’d like to see him make more of an impact on run plays and not give up on these plays. While his zone coverage is impressive, it can use some sharpening in order to make his game consistent across the board. If I’m drafting in the 10-20 range in round one, Diggs is at the top of my board.
Round Grade: Mid-First

Pro Comparison: Xavier Rhodes

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