The Worst Contracts In MLB History: AL Central

John Supowitz| June 27th, 2019

Chicago White Sox

Outfield – Eloy Jiménez – 6yrs $43 Million

Before contract: .000 AVG, Average Home Runs Per Season, 0 Average RBI Per Season 0

After contract 2019: .253 AVG, Home Runs Per Season 12, Average RBI Per Season 29 RBI

The White Sox gave Jiménez a contract without ever stepping onto a major field. They have a lot of promise in the Dominican slugger, but the start of his career has not met expectations. Currently sitting at a -0.1 WAR his 28.4% strikeout rate is highest of any his professional seasons.

Minnesota Twins

Catcher/Frist Base – Joe Mauer – 8 yr $184 Million

Before: 2004 – 2009: .327 AVG, Home Runs Per Season 12, Average RBI Per Season 66

After: 2010 – 2018: .294 AVG, Home Runs Per Season 6, Average RBI Per Season 58

Along with Puckett and Carew, Mauer is the greatest player to ever put on a Twins uniform. Being a native of the state, and moving to a new stadium, it was important for the organization to give him Mauer the money to be the face of the franchise. In the 2009 season, the last season in Metrodome, Mauer would win the batting championship (.365), along with 28 HR and 96 RBI, he would never hit more 11 HR in a season after.

Detriot Tigers

First Base/Third Base – Miguel Cabrera 8yr – $248 million

Before: 2003-2013 .321 AVG, Home Runs Per Season 33, Average RBI Per Season 115

After: 2014-2019 .303, Average Home Runs Per Season 7, Average RBI Per Season 68

It’s hard to doubt Cabrera is one of best players of the 21st century: back-to-back MVPs and in 2012 he would become the first triple crown winner in 45 years. The Tigers had to overextend and overpay to keep him. He was an all-star the first three seasons under the new deal, unfortunately, he took a huge dive in 2017, batting below .300 for the first time since 2008, and injuries have kept him off the field for the last two seasons. The length of the contract is what the team will regret the most as Cabrera is signed through the 2023 season when he will be 40 years old.

Kansas City Royals

Pitcher Ian Kennedy 5 yrs $70 Million

Before: 2007 – 2015: 75-68 3.85 ERA

After: 2016 – 2019: 19-35 4.43 ERA

It’s amazing an organization like the Royals, not known for big contracts, would give this type of contract to a player like Kennedy. Aside from his stellar 2011 season for Arizona with 21 wins and a 2.88 ERA, he’s only had one other winning season. This season he was delegated and is currently a relief pitcher in Kansas City.

Cleveland Indians

Second Base – Jason Kipnis

Before: 2011 – 2013: .270 AVG, Home Runs Per Season 13, Average RBI Per Season 60

After: 2014-2019: .258 AVG, Home Runs Per Season 12, Average RBI Per Season 52

Unfortunately for Kipnis, he’s dealt with injuries and he only has one all-star appearance since signing this deal. He does have a club option in 2020, but with the direction the Indians are going, it doesn’t seem likely they will retain him.

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