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Tennessee Titans Thursday Throwback: Top 5 Receivers in Franchise History

The Tennessee Titans acquired Julio Jones in a trade with the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday. It is fitting that this week’s edition of Thursday Throwback looks at the best receivers in Titans/Oilers franchise history.

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Tennessee Titans Thursday Throwback: Warren Moon

For a franchise that has over 60 years of storied history, it’s hard to name the No. 1 guy ever to don their uniform. For the Tennessee Titans and their prior days as the Houston Oilers, the debate would come down to just a handful of names.

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How the Quarterback Position has Changed: 1990-2001

Boy, have things changed since the first version of this article went out, the NFL went from almost exclusively running the football, to finally swinging the ratio of plays towards the pass. In the 4th time frame of this series, however, things started to get crazy for the pass. Teams started to center their offense around the pass, like the run-and-shoot offense that some teams ran.

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