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Let Rudolph Light the Way

On Sept. 19, 2004, the Pittsburgh Steelers were being hosted by the division rival Baltimore Ravens. Early in the third quarter, quarterback Tommy Maddox left the game with an elbow injury. In comes a quarterback that perhaps they hadn’t heard

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Devereaux’s Week 3 Power Rankings

Week 2 gave for some big headlines, as new teams are starting to rise and famous teams are starting to blunder down the rankings.

Photo Credits: Gary Klein of the LATimes.

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Devereaux’s Week 2 NFL Power Rankings

Week One is finally in the books, and there was some changes to the power rankings after being able to view every team in full form.

Here is the Week 2 Power Rankings!

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Browns: Most Likely Primetime Opponents

Nolan Hopkins predicts the Browns most likely primetime game opponents in 2019.

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Guerin: Don’t Panic Patriots Fans

Sunday night’s defeat at the hands of the Pittsburgh Steelers punctuated an atrocious New England Patriot road season. Going 3-5 on the road, this is the worst Patriots road record since 2009. The sky is falling in New England. The

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Team Chasing Patriots for No. 1 Seed Announces Surprise Inactives

Coming into Week No. 17, there are two teams in AFC that many would suspect to have a sense of urgency. But, not for one of them as the Pittsburgh Steelers seem to be taking it easy against the Cleveland

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Report: Patriots Players Welcome New Teammate, Fans Lash out at Harrison

These past 24 hours have been shocking for fans of the AFC’s two best teams to say the least. The minute it was announced that former Pittsburgh Steelers all-time sack leader James Harrison would be signing with rival New England

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