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French Open Week 1 Recap

The world-renowned French Open has concluded its first week of play, and already many stunning moments have occurred on the clay.

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Federer vs Nadal: The Clash of the Titans

Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, the two greatest tennis players of our generation. If you ask most people, the term greatest of all time is just a debate between them. July 12, 2019, is the date that will mark their 40th meeting vs one another. The tournament is Wimbledon, which will be their fourth overall meeting in this tournament and the tournament’s semi-final match. With Federer holding the 2-1 advantage in this tournament, and Nadal holding the better overall record, the excitement and audience views for this matchup will more than likely surpass the number of viewers for the actual final. This just shows how big and important this matchup will be.

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