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2022 New York Yankees Top 5 Prospects

It’s a new year, and baseball’s biggest fanbase is sad again. The New York Yankees had a year as disappointing as it gets for them in 2021. They just barely made the wild card game, then lost to the Boston

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New York Yankees Top 5 Prospects Post-Trade Deadline

The Yankees added more solid depth through the July draft, and have some pieces on the way to making their debuts sooner rather than later. While this season has been a disappointment based on their standards and expectations, the team and farm system are still very much built for success.

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2021 New York Yankees’ Top 5 Prospects

The New York Yankees’ prospect list entering the 2021 season doesn’t have much change from a year ago. Along with those three that left the Yankees’ system, they will also have at least two more to graduate as their rookie eligibility is used up in 2021.

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