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John Schreiber Has Been Spectacular from the Red Sox Bullpen

So far this season, the Red Sox bullpen has been full of inconsistency. While Boston has played better of late, questions remain.

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The Most Lucky and Unlucky Pitchers of 2019

Luck is a big part of baseball. Whether it be the ball bounding a certain way or even a fielder losing a fly ball in the sun. Here are the most lucky and unlucky pitchers of 2019.

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Two-Start Pitchers Week 3 (04/15 – 04/21)

Trevor Richards may have a 5.0 BB/9, but he is currently sporting a 14.7% swinging strike rate (10th in MLB) and a 32.4% o-swing (29th in MLB), which is well above the league average of 29.3%. He also has a 68.2% contact rate, which is the 9th lowest in the league and has yielded 11, 13 and 18 swinging strikes in his last 3 starts. Opposing batters are currently hitting .088 against his changeup, which has resulted in a 23.3% swinging strike rate. Pair this with 2 struggling offenses in the Chicago Cubs and Washington Nationals, paired with a home pitchers park, Trevor Richards should be in for a solid Week 3.    

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