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Too Much Pod Tar: Opening Day Analysis and Reactions

Major League Baseball is officially back, as Opening Day went down this week! Over at the Too Much Pod Tar podcast, we analyzed the games from Thursday and Friday.

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Which Starting Pitcher Had the Best Opening Day Performance?

Baseball is finally back. Here are the five starting pitchers who had the best Opening Day performances.

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Opening Day = National Holiday

It’s a mere 5 days until the real opening day, with apologies to the Mariners and Athletics. For those of you under the age of 50, MLB at one time had a traditional opening day and game, featuring the Cincinnati Reds. I miss those days. I also think the designated hitter is an abomination, to paraphrase Crash Davis. So you can surmise my feelings on the impending implementation of the DH in the National League. I offer my own solution to the imbalance between leagues, abolish the DH altogether.

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