Sunday Shenanigans 9: Two Outs!!

The idea for Sunday Shenanigans was to cover the weirdest play of the week. Covering possibly the dumbest play in Major League Baseball history was not expected, but instead welcomed. We knew the Pittsburgh Pirates would be bad, but this Thursday brought them to a whole new level.

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JT Brubaker is Becoming the Pirates’ Ace

So far this season, JT Brubaker has been one of baseball’s best pitchers. The Ohio native has only made four starts but is emerging as the Pirates ace. Although the season is less than a month old, the Pirates righty is off to a start he will never forget.

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Waiver Wire Adds & League Winners

Matt Bishop | June 3rd, 2019 We all know that owner. The owner that just can’t stop making add/drops and needs to be slapped. While it is annoying to watch another owner deplete the player pool of useful resources and

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