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2020 World Series Champions: Los Angeles Dodgers

The Los Angeles Dodgers clinched their first World Series since 1988 last night.

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World Series Game 6 Recap: Dodgers Clinch First Title in 32 Years

The Tampa Bay Rays and the Los Angeles Dodgers traded wins to get to Game 6. The Rays looked in line to force the all decisive Game 7 with Blake Snell dealing. However, Kevin Cash pulled Snell at 73 pitches in a move that had everyone scratching their heads. The Dodgers wound up coming out on top, 3-1, to clinch their first World Series since 1988.

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MLB Postseason Preview: Houston Astros vs. Tampa Bay Rays 

Many baseball fans did not expect that the Astros would be four victories away from the World Series in 2020. Particularly not back when the media was buzzing around them in West Palm Beach during Spring Training in February. And yet, they are now a series win away from their third World Series appearance in four years.

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MLB Suspends Aroldis Chapman, Aaron Boone, Kevin Cash

MLB handed down suspensions to Aroldis Chapman, Aaron Boone, and Kevin Cash following Tuesday’s incident between the Rays and Yankeess.

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Pickard’s 2020 MLB Awards Predictions

With the first pitch of the 2020 MLB season just hours away, Andersen Pickard shares his predictions for the top awards.

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Into the 80s with Tom Greene- A Possible Wild Card Matchup

The end of the baseball season is getting closer. As temperatures begin to drop, the heat begins to rise on the teams that haven’t yet joined the 80-win club. After a few days away to take care of employment situations, I return to bring you two more teams that have joined our club. The Tampa Bay Rays and the Cleveland Indians have been battling all season to reach a postseason berth. Now that they’ve reached 80 wins, they both feel they’re almost there. And, they’re telling the rest of the 80s club, (indirectly) “Shut your halfwit pie-holes! We’re trying to make the playoffs!”

OK, that SpongeBob reference may not have been the 80s, but we’re breaking down a team that didn’t even exist in the 80s but have some pretty awesome  “Throwback” uniforms. The Rays help the sunrise on this edition of, “Backtrax MLB!”

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