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The Best Trade in Buffalo Bills History

Kieth Domon ran a Twitter poll to see which Bills trade was the best in their history. Find out the results in this piece.

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How the Quarterback Position has Changed: 1990-2001

Boy, have things changed since the first version of this article went out, the NFL went from almost exclusively running the football, to finally swinging the ratio of plays towards the pass. In the 4th time frame of this series, however, things started to get crazy for the pass. Teams started to center their offense around the pass, like the run-and-shoot offense that some teams ran.

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Fibula – More Than Just a Leg Bone

What do NFL HOF quarterback Jim Kelly, Former Bills NFL center Eric Wood, Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr., Broncos cornerback Chris Harris Jr., Washington Redskin quarterback Colt McCoy and Bills Center Russell Bodine have in common?  Seems like an unusual list of players, but if you guessed that their fibula plays a big role in their health, you would be right.

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