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Atlanta Hawks Trade Deadline Extravaganza

With the NBA trade deadline done and over with, the Atlanta Hawks came out swinging to improve their roster.

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Seven Destinations to Watch for Our Seven Players to Watch

Yesterday, our resident Heatle Jacari McRae brought to your attention seven players to watch as the trade deadline approaches (it’s just three weeks away! Can you believe it?).

Today we’ll examine some potential places those seven players might end up, and why some of the more popular predictions for them might not be the best situation after all.

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Seven Players to Watch as the Trade Deadline Approaches

As February’s NBA trade deadline nears, fans are already speculating about where players will end up. With half the season gone, these potential moves could make or break a team’s chance in the NBA playoffs or provide salary cap relief for future flexibility. That said, I’ve compiled a small list of players who could be on the move soon.

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Chicago Bulls: 2018 Season Preview

The 6-Time World Champion Chicago Bulls have a storied history but haven’t made it to the NBA Finals in 20 years. They may be a few years away from a Finals appearance but can they take a step forward and get into the playoffs?

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