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Atlanta Braves All-Time 26-Man Roster

The Atlanta Braves are one of the most historic franchises in American sports history. With that, they have a number of great players over their 150 years of existence. Who makes their 26-man roster?

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Mariano Rivera Shouldn’t be the First Unanimous Baseball Hall of Famer

One of the Baseball Writers’ Association of America’s last strongholds has finally been broken down. Mariano Rivera is a Hall of Famer, receiving 100 percent of the vote, becoming the first player to accomplish the feat. Most players elected to

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What’s Wrong With Jon Lester?

Pitchers hit bumps in the road as do hitters. There are peaks and valleys in baseball. It comes with the territory of playing 162 games a season. Naturally, fans react either positively or negatively to any spike in production. A young hitter goes 12-24 with 5 HRs in a week and all of a sudden he’s Babe Ruth. A young pitcher goes 3-0 with a 1.00 ERA in an 11-day span and he is suddenly Greg Maddux. When is it time though to be concerned about a pitcher who has been solid, for the most part, his entire career?

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